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From Passive Observer to Culture Shaper: Your Influence at Work

From Passive Observer to Culture Shaper: Your Influence at Work - ADDSTAFF

Workplace culture plays a crucial role in defining the character and identity of an organization. Many employees view workplace culture as something they have no control over, merely something they observe or experience. However, every individual in an organization, from the entry-level employee to the CEO, has the potential to influence and shape the culture […]

Does Your Company Culture Attract Top Talent? Here’s How You Can Tell

HR managers know they have a problem. Gartner says just 31% of HR teams say they have the culture they want and need. Even worse, 77% of employees agree, citing cultural tensions that permeate their organization that keep them from wanted to stay. According to the research, employees seek out companies with the best corporate […]

How to Build and Maintain Relationships with Remote Employees

The latest studies show that one in four American workers will work-from-home this year. With remote work becoming the new normal, employers are looking for ways to stay connected to their dispersed employees. Building meaningful connections across the miles can be done, but it just takes a little extra effort that bears fruit over time. […]

10 Ways to Build a Positive Company Culture for Remote Employees

According to Gallup, 62% of the American workforce says they had a chance to work-from-home during the pandemic. Dozens of companies say that they’re not planning on going back to the old in-office requirement that existed before COVID-19. However, working remotely creates new problems for organizations. One of them is the challenge of building a positive culture for […]