10 Ways to Build a Positive Company Culture for Remote Employees

According to Gallup, 62% of the American workforce says they had a chance to work-from-home during the pandemic. Dozens of companies say that they’re not planning on going back to the old in-office requirement that existed before COVID-19. However, working remotely creates new problems for organizations. One of them is the challenge of building a positive culture for their remote workforce. We have 10 ways to help build a positive company culture for your remote employees.  

10 Remote Culture Builders  

There is tremendous value in remote working, as long as you handle it properly. There is growing evidence that working from home keeps employees more engaged and makes them more productive. Employers save money on office space while their bottom line improves. But building a positive culture with your remote workforce is tricky. Employers, do these 10 things to support your remote teams.  

  1. Start with your company values to firmly cement what’s important to your organization.  
  2. Communicate those values across the company, on your website, during orientation, and even during employee evaluations.  
  3. Publish these values in your blogs. Write about what they mean. Ask your employees what they think these values mean.   
  4. Welcome your new employees in front of the entire team. This includes contract, freelance, part-time, and remote workers. Everyone has a place in your organization, so welcome these workers into the fold.   
  5. Encourage open communication and feedback across all of your teams. Train your managers in how to enable engagement by welcoming the contributions of everyone on your team.   
  6. Establish communication expectations by letting workers the best means for collaboration. Use tools like instant messaging and video chat to create the same kind of spontaneous interactions between your teams that you had before COVID.  
  7. You can also use these communications venues to encourage better employee interactions, sort of like those water cooler chats that used to happen in your office. You can use tools like Slack and set up channels for off-work topics that are comfortable and interesting to your employees, like a “kids” channel or a “movies” channel. Encourage employees to chit chat and build relationships within the team.  
  8. You can also encourage your workers to get to know their coworkers. We know of one organization that did an employee spotlight virtual lunch on Fridays where someone on the team was interviewed to find out more about them.  
  9. Increase your communication. If you can set aside time each week for an all-hands chat, that will help keep employees connected. Make sure your managers are touching base regularly and individually with each of their employees.  
  10. Regularly measure employee engagement with a survey process from every team member.   

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