Does Your Company Culture Attract Top Talent? Here’s How You Can Tell

HR managers know they have a problem. Gartner says just 31% of HR teams say they have the culture they want and need. Even worse, 77% of employees agree, citing cultural tensions that permeate their organization that keep them from wanted to stay. According to the research, employees seek out companies with the best corporate cultures, so you’re more likely to find top talent if you have one.

How is your company culture? This article will help you understand if you’ve effectively found the right mix of environments that will help you find a better quality candidate to join your organization.

What is Your Company Culture?

Everyone (sort of) understands corporate culture, but few understand the best way to build it or even assess its impact. Organizational culture is about your purpose, core values, and behaviors. If you’re thinking about the kind of corporate culture that exists in your organization, here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Beyond making money, what is the purpose of your business?
  • Why should a new employee join your team?
  • What behaviors do your employees exhibit that is consistently replicated across the organization?
  • What are the cumulative traits of your teams and the people you hire?

Take the time to reflect on your company’s core values. Talk with your staff about it. Does their perception of what culture exists differ from management’s perception? How do employees articulate and act out cultural norms? This is important to discern because your employees are cultural ambassadors in the marketplace, particularly with potential employees.

Think About Integrating Culture into Your Hiring Process

Once you’ve determined the culture you’re exhibiting, you can either further hone what exists or seek out a new normal for the organization. Try defining corporate culture and then work it into everything you do. Think about how you can integrate culture into the hiring experience itself. As you’re completing this exercise, it’s a good idea to sit in quietly and observe the interview hiring process. What kind of impression are your recruiters or other members of your hiring teams leaving with candidates?

It’s a good idea to take the time to get feedback from anyone going through the hiring process. For candidates that don’t accept your offer, have recruiters circle back and ask what influenced their decision? Was it simply a question of salary, or was it related more closely to your corporate culture—or something else?

In the perfect world, culture should be a standard part of everything that happens in the organization. Policies should reflect cultural norms, and recruiting should, as well. Far too often, large organizations seem to have a disconnect between their organizational goals and core values and the employees doing the work. Aligning your culture with the mission, vision, and values of the company means you will integrate these characteristics into the recruiting, hiring, and even employee retention process.

We Can Help You Find Top Talent

Attracting top talent requires your organization to commit to building a positive culture where people are engaged in the success of the enterprise. ADD STAFF is committed to helping you find the right candidates that supplement your culture—not hinder it. Find out why we’re so good at hiring for cultural fit by contacting us today.