How to Build and Maintain Relationships with Remote Employees

The latest studies show that one in four American workers will work-from-home this year. With remote work becoming the new normal, employers are looking for ways to stay connected to their dispersed employees. Building meaningful connections across the miles can be done, but it just takes a little extra effort that bears fruit over time. Here’s how employers and managers can build connections with remote teams in 2021.


Creating a dialogue with remote teams is important. It’s easy to forget to keep in touch with workers when they are out of sight (and out of mind). Be deliberate in your approach by scheduling regular one on ones with remote workers. Whether it’s a virtual lunch or a formal meeting, make sure the company and managers keep the lines of communication flowing with workers.


How you write matters a lot when you have remote teams. Make use of instant messaging (IM), which is almost like popping your head in the door of a co-worker’s office. However, IM isn’t the best way to communicate everything. Be aware that some communications, such as feedback on a job, should be face-to-face in a virtual meeting. Some communications require an email with more detail. Through all these communications, what you write and how well you write it will keep communication flowing. Carefully review whatever you’ve written for grammar and spelling and keep in mind how the tone of your words will be received. Some messaging can come across as brusque when you don’t intend it to be, so take the time to word things carefully and use the right written communication venue to fit your publication.

Calling versus Writing

If you’re writing instead of using some other venue, it’s important not to get too tied up in the back and forth of messaging someone. That can easily slip into negativity or chatting at someone instead of with them. It’s like a boulder rolling downhill and sometimes, if you’re in a hurry, the messaging can come across wrong. It can also be confusing as you reply to one message in the thread but the conversation has moved beyond that. How many times has your email crossed another one in transit and the thread of the conversation becomes a little convoluted? Try to keep in mind that sometimes a quick video chat or phone call does a better job keeping everyone on the same page.

Staying connected to your employees requires you to be aware of the methods of communication available to you today. Make sure you are using these tools well and using them to do more than talk about business. To stay connected to your remote employees, also get to know what their lives are like during the pandemic. Don’t be all work and no play, instead facilitate genuine connections with your workers no matter where they may be located.

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