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Don’t Say These Overused Interview Answers

Dont Say These Overused Interview Answers - ADD STAFF

Job interviews are pivotal moments that can determine the trajectory of your career. While preparation is essential, relying on overused and clichéd answers can hinder your chances of making a lasting impression. Interviewers hear countless candidates repeat the same tired responses, making it crucial to stand out with genuine and thoughtful answers. Let’s explore some […]

Benefits Breakdown: Why Just Good Pay Isn’t Enough 

Benefits Breakdown: Why Just Good Pay Isn't Enough - ADD STAFF

A 2022 Gallup poll clearly showed attracting and retaining top talent goes beyond offering a competitive salary. The polling organization asked more than 13,000 job seekers who said pay was a top attractant to a job—but perks like benefits and work-life balance were just as important. While a substantial paycheck is undoubtedly important, employees today seek […]

Balancing Work and Wellness in 2024

Balancing Work and Wellness in 2024 - ADD STAFF

Finding the delicate equilibrium between work and wellness has become more critical than ever. The global shifts in work dynamics, accelerated by the rise of remote work and ongoing technological advancements, have reshaped how we approach our professional and personal lives. Explore strategies for achieving a harmonious balance between work and wellness in this dynamic […]

How to Tell Your Manager That You Are Over Worked

How To Tell Your Manager That You are Being Over Worked - ADD STAFF

If you’re feeling overworked, it’s not in your head. There’s been a lot published on how burnout levels are rising; 89% of Americans have experienced these symptoms in the past year. The data also suggests that Americans work harder than most industrialized countries with less paid vacation. More than 10% of Americans work 50+ hours […]

Making the Most Out of Your Summer While Working

Making the Most Out Of Your Summer While Working - ADD STAFF

In summer, many people take time off work to relax, travel, and enjoy the warm weather. However, only some people have the luxury of taking an extended break from work. If you find yourself working throughout the summer, don’t despair. There are many ways to make the most of your summer while working. Here are […]

How to Maintain Your Work/Life Balance During This Holiday Season

Work/life balance is always hard to maintain. There’s a mountain of work to do, and you feel that pressure. At the same time, the holidays are coming up. There are so many extra tasks associated with the season that you know leaving work at 5 pm is critical to getting everything done. Plus, if you’re […]