Feeling Lucky? Here Are 5 Ways to Show You Are Ready for A Promotion

Are you ready to move up the ladder? Nearly half of the U.S. workforce say they’re hoping for a promotion this year. But instead of passively waiting for that bump in salary and position, is there something that you can do to help achieve your goal? Here are five essential ways to show your boss and your employer that you’re ready to take on more and make your move.

How to Show You Want That Raise

How are promotions earned? Hard work and a positive attitude are part of demonstrating your excellent work. A promotion usually comes after demonstrating your skills and qualities that the employer values. Often, you go beyond the basic job requirement—there is no “quiet quitting” in this process.

To show your company you are ready for the next step up, consider demonstrating these skills, attitudes, and expertise:

  1. Show your commitment to the company by delivering consistently high-quality work. Stay positive and show you are a team player with a solution-oriented focus. So, instead of focusing on your job, think more broadly about how what you do benefits the entire team and organization.
  2. Build relationships with your colleagues by being the go-to person on the team. Demonstrate your ability to collaborate by helping others. Communicate clearly and try to be strategic in how you work. Think about ways you can improve your work and do your best to increase your productivity.
  3. Expand what you know. Continuous learning is an integral part of any job. Taking on new projects means you’ll learn new skills. Constantly strive to pick up new challenges and conquer them. Seeking a mentor or a coach can help you learn on-the-job and relationship skills that will make you stand out.
  4. Stay positive and help others on the job. Thank your coworkers for their good work. Congratulate others when they achieve milestones that matter to them and the company. This effort shows you care about the company and the team around you.
  5. Communicate your aspirations by having open and honest conversations with your manager about what you want to achieve in the company. Ask to create a career roadmap so you have a path to work toward.

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