Here’s What You Can Do to Keep Employees Engaged

Employee engagement is a consistent problem in the U.S. Last year a Gallup poll showed employee engagement declined to 32%. That means only about a third of the U.S. workforce are engaged in their jobs. According to Gallup, employers lose around 18% of an employee’s annual salary if they disengage from their job. What can employers do to reengage their workforce in the success of their organization?

What is Employee Engagement and Why Does it Matter?

Employee engagement means that your workforce is connected and committed to the organization. High employee engagement correlates with job satisfaction, lower turnover, and higher productivity. Engagement is measured through employee surveys. High engagement is viewed as an important way to create a more positive and productive workplace. You can achieve these positive characteristics in your workplace if you make efforts to engage your workforce. Here’s how to make that happen.

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged

Keeping employees engaged and motivated at work can be challenging. However, there are several strategies companies can use to promote engagement and a more positive workplace, including:

  • Clear, open, transparent communication between management and employees. Make your employees part of the decision-making process. Listen to employees and give them a voice. This will make them feel valued and engaged.
  • Offer plenty of opportunities for development and growth. Encourage your teams to engage in continuing education to improve their skills. Make it a habit to promote from within. This kind of career growth can challenge and inspire your workforce, giving them a reason to stick around.
  • Reward your employees often and don’t tear them down. Recognizing employees for their achievements can boost morale and increase engagement. Consider creating and implementing a formal recognition program in addition to informal ways to motivate, praise, and inspire.
  • Consider cross-training and implementing job rotation. This is an interesting idea that will keep working for your company fresh and new. Any employee can become bored in a job that they’ve held for a long time. If promotion isn’t an option, consider job rotation as a way to teach employees new skills and keep them engaged in the daily grind.
  • Promote work/life balance. This increases employee satisfaction but also reduces burnout. Support flexible work arrangements whenever possible. Encourage your workforce to take time off and provide them ample PTO.
  • Create a positive, supportive work environment. Foster a culture of collaboration and address any conflicts constructively. Listen to your workforce and encourage them to contribute new ideas and suggestions to improve. Even small gestures mean a lot, so think of ways you can continually support your workforce with small ways to tell them how important they are.
  • Give your employees meaningful work. We all want our work to mean something. Connect your workforce to goals and make sure they understand the impact their work has. You can also engage teams by encouraging group participation in outside activities in the community. Volunteering for a worthy cause can bring a team together in ways working cannot.

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