Share the Love: 6 Ways You Can Show Employee Appreciation

Employee appreciation matters. Employee rewards increase engagement, job satisfaction and decrease turnover. Engaged employees are 17% more productive, and companies experience 21% higher profit. Conversely, 54% of employees leave their jobs because they don’t feel appreciated or recognized. Gallup reports that employees who don’t feel recognized are twice as likely to leave their jobs.

How can your company not fall into these disheartening statistics? We have six ways you can show your appreciation to employees this year.

Why Your Employees Need a Recognition Program

There are several reasons your employees need something more than their paycheck to keep them engaged in the success of your organization. Employee recognition:

  • Boosts morale: Recognition programs boost morale by showing employees that their hard work is valued. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and a more positive work environment.
  • Increases productivity: Employees may be more motivated to work hard and be productive when they feel appreciated.
  • Reduces turnover: Employees who feel recognized may be less likely to leave the company.
  • Improves company culture: Recognizing your employee’s good work can help improve company culture by promoting positive behaviors and a sense of community.

Employee recognition can be both organized and spontaneous. Even simple gestures matter to your workforce. Here are six easy ways to make a difference this year.

6 Ideas for Employee Recognition

An annual review isn’t enough anymore. To stay engaged, your employees need consistent feedback and a system of rewards to keep them motivated. This can be hard for busy managers, but it is essential to avoid frustration, demotivation, and, eventually, staff turnover. Six ways you can show appreciation to your employees include:

  1. Verbal praise: Even a simple “thank you” or a “well done” can go a long way in making an employee feel appreciated.
  2. Written recognition: An email, text, instant message, or even a handwritten note acknowledging an employee’s hard work or achievement can make a lasting impression.
  3. Time off: Consider offering additional or flex time off to show appreciation for an employee’s hard work.
  4. Extra perks: Smaller perks like providing a gift card or catering a lunch can show appreciation for an employee’s contributions.
  5. Promotions, raises, and bonuses: Offering a promotion or a raise is a clear sign to the employee that you value their effort. You can also tie short-term production goals to financial or other bonuses to keep employees motivated each month and quarter.
  6. Employee events: Hosting an event or taking the team out for a fun activity can be a great way to show appreciation and build morale.

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