Do Recruiters Really Review Your Social Media?

You would be mistaken if you think your social media posts are protected from potential employers. The statistics tell us:

  • 84% of employers actively recruit on social media.
  • 67% of these employers use social media to reach candidates.
  • 94% of recruiters use social media.

Recruiters are looking at not just your LinkedIn but also your Instagram and Facebook, not to mention Pinterest and TikTok. Why are recruiters so interested in what you do in your personal life? Because the posts you’re sharing tell recruiters a lot about who you really are and what kind of job candidate you’ll probably be. If this makes you worried, check out this next section to understand what recruiters glean from the information you share online.

What Do Recruiters Look for in Your Social Media?

If you bash employers online, you will be found out. How will you know? Well, if you never get called back for those jobs, you seem perfect for, that may be an indicator. But the truth is, you may never know who is looking at your social profiles—which is exactly why they should remain as professional as possible, even on sites like Facebook. So, what do recruiters look for in your social? Since we mentioned it, let’s start with Facebook.

Recruiters look closely at your pictures and the About Me section on your Facebook page. Does how you describe yourself fit with your more professional LinkedIn profile or your cover letter and resume? How often do you misspell words? Do you swear a lot or use poor grammar? Photos are also an indicator for recruiters of how you spend your free time. Profanity, sexual inferences, and even drug use can all create a negative impression in the mind of a recruiter.

Since Twitter requires a level of conciseness that other platforms don’t, recruiters can use your tweets to gauge your intelligence level. They’ll also look at who you’re following to figure out everything from your interests to politics. How connected are you to the industry you say you care about? It’s a good question that Twitter just may give the answer to.

If you keep posting pictures of you at a bar, what impression would a recruiter receive? What do your posts promote? Who follows them? How friendly or helpful are you when posting to this site? Instagram gives recruiters a good sense of how the candidate could fit within the organization’s culture. Your post could inadvertently show a recruiter what matters to you. It will help them decide how you would fit on a team.

When you are on social, our best advice is to watch yourself. Social media is an easy venue to post something inappropriate. Resist this urge even if you’re not looking for a new job this week. The reality is that employers are watching you, and you never know when something you post will come back to thwart your next job search.

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