Why You Should Partner with a Staffing Firm in 2023

Each year, 16 million contract and temporary employees work for America’s staffing companies. Staffing agency clients hire a good percentage of these employees. This number doesn’t even count the millions of permanent employees that staffing firms source, screen, and hire on behalf of American businesses.

You’re facing unprecedented worker shortages. There are regularly 10 million more open jobs than workers out there. Why are you still struggling with this when a recruiting firm like ADD STAFF is standing by with people you can put to work?

If you’ve been thinking about partnering with a staffing firm, this blog will help you understand what these companies bring to the table.

How Does a Staffing Firm Work?

A staffing agency specializes in one thing: Finding you the human resources you need—fast. Staffing firms typically work in two ways:

  1. On retainer, where you pay them a monthly fee to handle recruiting.
  2. Contingency, where the agency isn’t paid until you make the hire.

Staffing and recruiting agencies often provide permanent employees, but they can also provide temporary workers to fill shorter-term needs. Companies like ADD STAFF can even take the risk out of hiring by employing these temporary workers and handling payroll and benefits, so you don’t have to.

Companies that struggle to find employees often use staffing firms to find them the help they need. This frees up their internal HR team to focus on other initiatives, such as improving employee retention. What other benefits does a staffing agency offer?

What Are the Benefits of a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency finds talent, pre-screens them, and sometimes helps manage their employment. No matter the type of employee (full-time, part-time, temporary), staffing and recruiting firms offer some significant benefits to employers. This includes:

  • Specific expertise in a category that your HR team doesn’t have. For example, some firms offer engineering staffing services with highly trained, highly specialized candidates. Technology staffing services firms are even more specialized in understanding the highly complex nature of the IT field. While these are just two examples, having a recruiter able to speak knowledgeably to a highly technical candidate is a big benefit of these types of employment firms.
  • Staffing agencies come to you with pre-built networks of qualified employees. That’s because all these recruiters do is build pipelines, screen candidates, and hunt for talent. If a staffing agency comes to you with a decade of experience, you can count on them bringing along their database of passive and active job seekers. These job candidate networks put your recruiting process much further along toward reaching your goals.
  • Streamlining your hiring processes. Staffing agencies are highly efficient and come to you with proven best practices that systematize the candidate search and hiring process. Not only does this improve the efficiency of the hiring process, but it also frees up your internal teams to focus on initiatives such as improving onboarding or other ways to increase employee retention.

Adding a staffing agency like ADD STAFF offers you all these benefits and more. We are the go-to resource for companies in the Colorado Springs region and beyond because we offer the results you absolutely must have in today’s competitive marketplaces.

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