5 Ways to Revamp Your Onboarding Process in 2023

Today, 30% of the workforce leaves before they hit the 90-day mark in their new job. These workers cite role and performance (33%), working relationships (28%), and general stress (10%) as reasons for leaving. Could a better onboarding process change these outcomes? Studies show that a strong onboarding program can improve employee retention by 82% and increase productivity by more than 70%. How can your organization create a best-in-class onboarding program to retain more of your workforce for the long haul? Here are five ways.

1. Improve your application process.

Onboarding should begin during the application process. Each step should be designed to educate the candidate within a user-friendly process. The interviews should incorporate members of the team the candidate will work with so that when they start the job, there are already a few familiar faces hanging around.

2. Automate for a better candidate experience.

Your new hires should have an online onboarding portal to make HR tasks easy and to ensure labor laws compliance. The system should be automated to alert HR and the candidate if a task hasn’t been completed (such as new hire paperwork). The portal should also let new hires request time off, see their paystubs, or even have links to important trainings to keep employees engaged.

3. Treat onboarding as a celebration.

Onboarding has been treated like a necessary evil for far too long. But it should be a celebration of bringing someone onto your team. New employees should have fun during orientation while also learning important skills to apply on the job. Onboarding should be just as entertaining as it is informative. It should lay the baseline for a long career in your company.

4. Give them a mission.

New hires should understand the impact of their position. Employees want to understand the “why” behind their work. This requires orientation to connect to a broader company mission and help the new employee understand how their work impacts everyone around them.

5. Give new hires a buddy.

New employees are 49% less likely to leave if they have a mentor. Your mentor program should be structured so that mentors know what is expected and the experience for the mentee is consistent. The idea is that a mentor will not only provide critical information to the new employee to get them up to speed faster but also create solid friendships that pull people together across the company.

A structured hiring process makes job candidates 66% more likely to come on board and stick around. A great hiring process starts with ADD STAFF. We are a sourcing and recruiting company devoted to creating a better candidate experience for our clients.

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