How to Develop the Best Work Environment for You and Your Team

So many jobs and so few candidates should lead your organization to one conclusion: You need a great work environment. Studies show 60% of employees leave their jobs due to a bad boss or a toxic work environment. In April 2022, a new survey showed toxic workplace culture is the top reason fueling our “great resignation.” But what makes for the kind of workplace environment that makes employees want to stay?

Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Work Environment

1. Start with hiring

Are you hiring the wrong kind of employees that don’t build a positive work culture? Hiring for cultural fit is just as important as finding candidates with skills that match the job. At the same time, look at your current employees with this same cautious eye. Toxicity in the workplace in the form of negative attitudes can spread from person to person. Avoid hiring potential employees that may gossip or complain, and don’t be afraid to let current employees go who are contributing to this kind of toxic environment.

2. Improve workspace lighting

You’re going to think this is a strange suggestion, but office lighting matters to your mental health. Studies show that workers exposed to natural lighting every day are more energized, mentally healthier, and more positive. Try changing out office light bulbs with warm tones and blue-enriched lighting to make the space and the people more productive.

3. Improve transparency and communication

Leaders and managers must learn to create a more positive culture where transparent communication is the norm. Talk with your employees and not to them. From setting goals to being the challenges the business faces, be inclusive and as candid as possible to engage your workforce in the success of the organization. Also, create employee performance plans and career maps with the employees to ensure they start to visualize themselves in the organization for the long haul.

4. Host company events to build camaraderie

Company events foster engagement and build teams. The more you “break bread” with your employees, the tighter the bonds that form between people—who are still your most valuable commodity. Create events that are inclusive and that make employees feel like they’re a part of a positive culture. Also, celebrate personal milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. All of these things build an intangible positive culture that will help retain your workforce and attract new candidates.

5. Create a culture of gratitude

When was the last time you said “thank you” to your team? It’s a simple, low-cost way to build the people behind production, and it matters greatly to everyone in your business. You can couple the simplicity of a thank you with physical rewards for meeting goals and doing great work. Most people want to know they’re part of something bigger than themselves. A culture of rewards and gratitude goes a long way toward motivating teams and individuals.

Want To Learn More?

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