4 Ways to Jump Back into The Workforce After Taking a Break

Thousands of people took a break during and after COVID. Thousands more each year take sabbaticals, time off during family illness, or a work break to hone their skills in school. No matter the reason, jumping back into the workforce can be challenging. How do you explain the work history gap? How should you prepare to return to work? Here are four tips for easing your transition back to work after a long or short absence.

1. Assess your situation and goals

Returning to work after an absence requires you to consider what you want as you re-launch your career. This time in your life could be a good starting point for a career shift. It could allow you to do something you’ve always wanted to try. What are your goals during this time? What new or old skills do you bring to the table? How have you kept your old skills sharp during your time away? Finally, what kinds of jobs and companies are you considering in phase two of your career life? Think about all of these things and more before returning to work.


2. Clean up your resume and LinkedIn

Update your social profile and resume to reflect your job skills in light of your absence. You can use a cover letter to explain the resume gap, but the resume itself should feature relevant skills that employers look for today. Consider rewriting your resume in a way that highlights keywords from the kinds of jobs you’re looking at. To do this, pick out three or four jobs that interest you now. Do you see similar words popping up in each of those ads? Those are the keywords you want to feature in your resume and LinkedIn profile. Using keywords makes your resume more searchable and helps you retool your credentials to get noticed by recruiters.

3. Networking works, so use it

How many people have you kept in touch with from your last job? It’s time to reconnect with these people on LinkedIn. An excellent way to reconnect is to look at your existing network and pick out your top four or five active connections. Email them to share that you’re coming back to work. Attach your resume and ask if they’d be willing to look at it and let you know if any jobs come to mind that may fit your skills.

You can also join MeetUp and LinkedIn professional groups to reconnect to the job market. This is a very helpful exercise for meeting other people with similar interests and skills.

Finally, send your resume to ADD STAFF. We’d be happy to take a look and give you feedback, then connect you with jobs that might be a fit.

4. Consider temporary or contract work

Today there are contract jobs in every industry and at every level. These roles are the new normal and are perfect for a job candidate returning after an absence from the work world. Contract roles reacquaint you with the daily routines of work again, and they can be short or long-term, depending on the needs of you and the employer. Part-time roles are also great opportunities to re-enter the workforce without tying yourself to an immediate 40-hour-a-week job.

There are even contract-to-hire jobs that give you and the employer a chance to try things out before making a permanent commitment.


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