How to Write a Follow Up Email Post Interview

You got the interview. You went through the interview. You may even have aced it! Now what? Do you sit back and wait for someone to get in touch? Actually, no. Yet that’s what most job candidates do. Instead, we recommend sending a thank you note, like the icing on the interview cake. It gives you the last word but also ties up the interview process with a neat, polite bow. But what should you include in the email?

Why Write a Thank You Email

It’s just good form to take the time to write a thank you. It shows the interviewer that you are very interested in the position. It gives them a chance to see your written communication skills. But even better, it sets you apart from all the other candidates who didn’t take the time to write a thank you.

What Should You Include in the Thank You Email After the Interview?

This is a good question. We believe there are a few basic points that you must cover in the post-interview thank you email, including:

  • Thanking the interviewer for their time.
  • Reinforcing why you’re so interested in the job.
  • Making a personal reference to how the interview went. This reminds the hiring team of what happened during your interview. (Especially important if you’re up against several candidates.)
  • Offer to answer any additional questions they may have.
  • Include relevant examples of your work or references.
  • Close the email thanking them again and say that you are looking forward to the next steps.

Now let’s look at some examples of great post-interview emails.

Post-Interview Thank You Email Samples

Start with the subject line and make it shine. Some good choices include:

  • Job interview follow-up.
  • Following up on the job interview.
  • Interview status and follow-up.

For the body of the email, make it short but smart. Be clear and direct but respectful. Tips include:

  • Greet the hiring manager(s)/interviewer(s) by their first names and explain you’re following up on the interview (add the date).
  • Also, mention the job title and reaffirm your interest in the position.
  • Ask for the next steps and that you’re looking forward to hearing from them again.
  • Thank the reader and sign with your name and contact information.
  • Spell-check before you send! ( is a good free resource.)

Here’s a sample email to consider:
Hi, (name):
I’m following up on the 10/03 interview with the marketing team. Do you have a moment to give me a status update regarding the Marketing Coordinator position? I think I had great chemistry with the team, and hope they feel the same. I remain hopeful and intrigued by the position. If you could take just a second and reply to this email with a status update, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,


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