Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Fear Partnering with a Staffing Firm

October may be a scary month for you Halloween lovers out there. But with the talent shortage, you may be living in fear the other 11 months of the year, too. That’s exactly why you need to partner with a staffing agency. Companies like ADD STAFF can take the fear out of all those job openings you’re trying to handle while freeing your HR team up to focus on other initiatives—like employee retention. But there are a lot of bad staffing companies out there, from Mom and Pop shops that lack the sophisticated tools of a larger firm, to agencies that promise a lot but deliver a little. No wonder you’ve been afraid of partnering with a staffing firm. Here’s how a company like ADD STAFF can help your business and take the fear out of finding talent.

Staffing Agencies Find Passive Talent

Today’s talent gap requires proactive strategies to find the help you need. If you’re like most companies you’ve seen a big decline in the number of resumes that come in when you place an ad. The old days of writing an ad and picking new hires from the resumes you receive are over. There are simply too many open jobs and too many options for candidates. So, how do you find talent? Staffing agencies don’t wait around for a candidate to apply for a job. We go out there and we ferret them out. It’s a hugely time-consuming process of building a candidate pipeline of passive talent. Passive candidates haven’t applied for your job at all. A quick conversation can determine if they are open to hearing about your job offering. But this carefully targeted approach is a proactive and strategic way to look for exactly the right talent at the right time for your business. At ADD STAFF, we do this every day and it builds a fantastic network of qualified people ready to talk with you about job opportunities. This is something that most HR teams simply do not have time to do.

Staffing Agencies Already Have Talent Networks

The result of searching for passive candidates every day means most staffing agencies have deep pockets of hidden talent just waiting for your business. We turn these hidden candidates into low-hanging fruit so that when you call us, we can respond with the right kind of potential employees to build your business. At ADD STAFF, many of our recruiters have been with the firm for years. Not only are they highly experienced, they know a lot of good people that trust us enough to consider your company. When you call ADD STAFF, you have access to big talent networks of highly skilled workers waiting to chat with you. That’s why we’re able to hire when so many other companies cannot.

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The only thing you have to fear, when it comes to today’s talent market, is not partnering with a staffing firm. ADD STAFF is your best option when trying to find top talent. Contact us to find out how we can help.