3 Tips for Negotiating Your Salary Before Signing a Contract

The Great Resignation is still making waves this summer and employers are paying higher salaries. With that said, inflation is still a big factor in the economy right now. That makes your salary even more important. So, when you’re looking for a new job, the salary negotiation process is vital to helping you achieve a living wage. If you’ve never negotiated a salary before or if you’re worried about how to pull this off, this blog will give you three tips for the negotiation process before you take the job.

Tip 1: Understanding What You’re Worth

Job sites like Salary.com let you research the average salary or hourly wage of the job you’re applying to in your region. Before you negotiate your pay with a new employer, make sure what you’re asking for isn’t outrageous for your job or your area. Glassdoor sometimes even lists what current employees are making at that company. Do a little digging and that should serve as the foundation for your salary negotiation. Make sure you take into account your location; employers on the west coast typically pay more, for example, because the cost of living is higher there. You can also look at similar jobs online to see how they’re paying, or just ask your ADD STAFF recruiter for advice.

Tip 2: Talk about inflation and do your research

Inflation is up by 7% this year—a 39-year high. Fast Company says, “If you made $150,000 last year and you’re making $150,000 now, you’re effectively making less money (when it comes to buying power).” They recommend mapping out your approach and even coming up with a script for what you’re going to say. Some of the facts to use include a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calculator that clearly shows the real value of salaries when inflation is high.

Tip 3: Be ready to discuss what skills set you apart from other candidates

Salary negotiation is almost easier when you’ve been in a company for a while. The employer has a clear track record of performance that shows your worth. However, a good interview process is designed to show your value to the employer—so much so that they’re making you the offer over all the other candidates they were considering. If you’re countering a salary offer, make sure you understand why you are the one they selected for the job. Talk about what you’re bringing to the table and why you believe you are the best fit. You can also mention how the job entails more than the job description mentioned (this is tricky, so exercise caution).

Worried About the Counter Offer? ADD STAFF Can Help

Here’s the reality of negotiating the job offer; 73% of employers expect it but more than half (55%) of job candidates don’t employ this tactic. Why? Perhaps because they lack an experienced recruiter behind their candidacy. ADD STAFF is committed to helping our candidates land the best possible job that fits their goals. If we agree to represent you to an employer, it means we put our name beside yours as a sponsor. You benefit from our industry connections as well as our expertise. Plus, since the employer pays our fees, this service is free to job seekers. Call on us. We can help you get the job you deserve.