Should I Find an In Office Job or Work Remotely?

Today you have work options. There are totally remote jobs where you work from home and spend your day on Zoom meetings. These are increasing, particularly since the pandemic. There are also still plenty of those traditional in-office jobs. Today, there are even hybrid roles that allow you to commute some and work remotely from home, as well.

Which is right for you? What are the pros and cons of each of these models? We have answers that will help you decide the best work environment for your next job.

Pros and Cons of an In Office Job

The latest data shows less than 10% of the American workforce is still working from home due to COVID. During the pandemic, that number climbed to 35%. (There are plenty more people in remote work models that have nothing to do with COVID.) It seems the employees who were at home temporarily are now back in an office.

These employees found there are pros and cons to working in an office setting. For example, the commute has always been less-than-desirable for most workers. In 2020, the average American commute was about a half hour long. That’s at least 2.5 hours a week, assuming you’re not stuck in traffic unexpectedly. The commute can be a stressful way to start the day but some people do make the most of it if they travel by train or bus by catching up on reading during that time.

At the same time, working in an office can come with perks. Many offices cater lunches, plus it’s a good place to make new friends. Not to mention it gets you out of the house—something that’s missing from the average remote worker’s experience.

Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

There is data now that shows remote workers are more productive. Remote workers say they don’t miss the commute time or the time wasted chatting with coworkers. They have the opportunity to allow small life intrusions to break up their day, so that when they come back to their desk, they end up being more productive, not less. Remote workers that love this model say they get more done in a day than many people at an office get done all week.

But at the same time, it’s harder to have work/life balance when your home is your work. It’s far too easy to roll out of bed, flip open the laptop, and get to work. If you don’t practice discipline you may put in 10 or 12-hour days regularly. You may order too much Chinese takeout and fail to get the exercise you need. Remote work is great but the burden is on you to organize your day so that you get the breaks you need.

What about Hybrid?

Splitting the week between at-home and on-the-job will likely be the new normal for employers. McKinsey says nine out of 10 organizations will combine remote and on-site models in the coming years. The study also showed remote workers are more productive, however, there is a certain level of isolation that demands a balance between on-site and at-home.

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