The Pros and Cons of Using Social Media for Recruitment

Social media is a tool used by billions of people every single day. Increasingly, recruiters are using these channels to get the word out about jobs they’re trying to fill. Today, 84% of employers use social to promote their jobs and another 9% are planning on using it. Social media helps you reach those passive candidates who haven’t considered job shopping yet. What other benefits of using social media are there—and what drawbacks?

Pros—Why Use Social for Job Promotion

There are benefits and risks associated with using social media to find job candidates. Some of the benefits include:

  • Wider reach for your jobs. More than 86% of job seekers use social to find work. You want to be there when they’re looking.
  • Reaching passive candidates. The majority—73%—of job seekers haven’t applied to a job yet. These are the casual lookers who are open to having the initial conversation but who are like diamonds in the rough if you can find them.
  • Reducing your job board costs. You can stretch your advertising dollar significantly by using social media.

However, all good things also come with risks. What are the cons of using social media for your job promotion? Here’s what to watch out for.

Cons—What to Watch Out for on Social

Most of us have seen how social media can turn against companies or individuals. If you don’t know how to ride this wave, it can drown you. What are the pitfalls of using social media in your candidate search process?

  • You must understand how to use these tools. This includes finding the right messaging but also the right time of day so your post has a better chance of being seen. Do you know the best keywords to use? Do you know how to write a fun post that will get you noticed in the right way without offending anyone? Make sure you’re not getting attention for all the wrong reasons and use social media for good.
  • You must understand that social media isn’t always the quick fix you’re looking for. All recruiting channels take time these days. With more than a million open jobs out there, we’re all competing for the same people. But you can use social media to decrease your time to hire as long as you use this tool well.
  • Understand that social media isn’t a one-off. You must live in these platforms every day to achieve your maximum result. Using social to promote a job takes time to build momentum, but the effort is always worth it. You don’t have to have followers to start, either. If you have the right keywords and use hashtags, you’ll be in the social threads that naturally bring your company more followers. While overnight success happens once in a million, your efforts will yield a better return of candidates—but you must work on social every day to get there.

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