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The Top Keywords to Include in your Job Descriptions

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There’s a secret about a good job description that most hiring teams won’t share: Keywords. The jobs that use them attract better candidates who fit the position requirements. Think about that for a moment. There are millions of job searches going on every day in this country—and millions of jobs. The words job seekers type into the search bar are exactly what will help get your ad noticed by candidates. So, why aren’t you paying more attention to keywords when you write your ads?

What Are the Keywords to Get You Noticed?

Candidates can look for a job from a search engine but they can also type in keywords and phrases on a job board. Either way, you want your listing to rise to the top of the ocean of potential job ads out there. The trick is for you to think about your ad like a marketer would. For example, consider:

  • What kinds of keywords and phrases would your target job seeker punch in to find a job?
  • What common descriptive phrases should also stand out in your ad?
  • What words and phrases are your competitors using to attract IT talent?
  • How specific is your ad from a keyword perspective?

Some Exercises To Help With Your Writing

One good exercise when writing a job ad is to research similar ads and track what words and phrases that keep coming up. Stay focused and specific in your ad. Instead of “developer,” write “senior .NET developer.” Instead of “sales rep” write “construction sales rep.” Some of the best types of keywords and phrases to consider include:

  • Product or brand terminology that people will recognize.
  • City-specific key phrases, “Remote customer service rep for Boston-area manufacturers needed.”
  • Specific terms that fit your industry, such as, “Java developer for web-based application” or “registered nurse for home care organization.”
  • Pay attention to any alternative job titles, such as “internet marketing coordinator” or “online marketing manager.”
  • Try to use occupation-specific lingo but don’t get bogged down in jargon.
  • Do other companies use a lot of abbreviations for industry phrases like HIPAA or OSHA?
  • Does your job title reflect the keywords you’re leveraging?

The best keywords deliver intent in the job posting. They serve to attract candidates directly to your company simply via an algorithm that picks up the keywords and trolls the internet for resources. Your goal is to always be there if a job seeker searches without a lot of jargon to bog things down.

Contact ADD STAFF Today!

ADD STAFF would like to take a look at your job description to see if we can help you turn it into a candidate magnet. We can help you not only revamp your job ad but help you find the candidates to fill it. Talk to our team today to get started.

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