Reorganize Your Workspace with These 5 Tips

No matter whether you work from home or in an office, your workspace matters. A cluttered workspace can be distracting, but a sterile cubicle demotivates. How can you reorganize your workspace to maximize your productivity?

#1 Clear off the desktop.

Clearing off the clutter on your desk can help your mind focus. It may be past time to clear the clutter from around and on your desk. Do you have file boxes around your desk? Multiple paper piles on top of the desk? Can you even find your phone in all of that mess? Don’t tell us your trash is full, either. A cluttered desk can slow you down. Find a way to clear out the mess and think more clearly in the process.

#2 Put anything you don’t use every day in a drawer.

Out of sight, in this case, does mean out of mind. You want to focus on the work right in front of you. Not the stress ball you got at a conference last year. Try to keep the items you use frequently within arm’s reach but store away anything that you don’t need right now. If you’re struggling with this, use a simple litmus test: Does the item have dust on it? Stow it!

#3 Set up a holding area for anything you carry in with you from outside.

You may walk into your office with a coat, a briefcase, a cellphone, keys—or something else. You may have a tendency to drop all that stuff on your desk. Instead, find a new home for all those things to the side of your workspace. If you need to, add an old-fashioned but still effective inbox to drop all the extra papers that make your desk seem cluttered. Try to clean out that area each day if possible.

#4 Organize your storage items.

If you’re working from home, this might be hard. Simply finding the space to store items can seem almost impossible. Consider adding the shelving you need to put things away. However, the trick is to file similar things together to save on wasted time hunting for what you need. For example, ink cartridges should be close to the printer. The shredder should be next to the recycling can. Stamps and envelopes go together—and so on.

#5. Set up your space as a comfortable environment.

If you can, invest in a good chair or a standing desk to save your body. Get a big monitor to save on your eyes. Try to add the lighting you need to make the space not too harsh but also not too muted, so you nod off. The idea here is to pay attention to your physical health and comfort and make the adjustments you need to stay productive and take care of yourself. This, in turn, will make you more productive and happier.

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