How Your Company Can Get the Most from Partnering With a Staffing Firm

In this market, you need all the help you can get. From staffing shortages to the Great Resignation, the past few months have been a bumpy ride for most hiring teams. That’s exactly why the use of staffing agencies continues to increase. Today, more than 3 million contract staffers are working through these agencies, and that doesn’t count the volume of full-time employees staffing agencies successfully help their clients hire. With these numbers in mind, it’s safe to say at some point you will lean on the services of a U.S. staffing firm. How will you get the most out of this relationship?

You’ve Picked Your Staffing Agency, Now What?

The first battle is to find the right staffing agency. You want a firm that has a great track record of finding the specialized talent you need, with clear tracking metrics, and contract flexibility. You need a firm with strong industry connections but when you find it, you can’t just rest on your laurels. Now you need to maximize the relationship to better enjoy the benefits of this unique partnership. How can you increase the odds that you’ll get the most bang for your buck?

Set Clear Expectations

Set very clear expectations with your recruiting firm. What exactly do you expect from them? Are your expectations realistic? Your job descriptions should be clear along with the money you’re willing to pay to the candidate. The recruiters need to be clearly briefed on what the job is—and isn’t. They need to have the right pre-screening questions so when the candidate hits your Zoom link you aren’t wasting time on someone that’s unqualified. The more the staffing agency understands the type of candidate you’re looking for, the faster they likely will be in finding that person.

Fully Participate in the Process

While a staffing agency takes away several of your most time-consuming tasks, such as resume screens and interviewing, you do want to participate in the candidate screening process. The idea is that the staffing agency becomes an extension of your team in a true partnership that is a win-win for everyone.

Set a Realistic Timeframe

Work with the staffing agency to set realistic expectations on your time-to-hire. If you’re meeting regularly with the staffing agency you will hear reports about the challenges the recruiters face in the marketplace. While the initial time-to-hire estimation might not always be accurate, if you work closely with the rescripting team you will understand exactly why it may take longer than expected to find the candidate you need.

Partnering with a staffing agency means that you suddenly have access to a network of candidates that the firm has likely been building for years. Inside the walls of a staffing agency, the recruiters spend all day looking for passive talent—those candidates that aren’t actively looking but, for the right job might consider it.

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