Landed a New Job? Here’s How to Impress Your Boss

There are a lot of people starting new jobs these days. The latest numbers tell us that four million people a month on average quit their jobs for new ones. While some of these job seekers may become self-employed, the reality is that most of us will end up with a new boss at some point. When that happens the question inevitably comes up: How can I impress my new boss. Here are some ways to make that goal happen.

Easy Ways to Impress Your Boss

We know that some bosses can be exacting and you may feel like you can never please them. But if you’re starting a new job, you have a chance to start fresh and build a new relationship. This process begins by asking a lot of questions about the job and what is expected—or at least it should if you hope to get off on the right foot.

Ask How They’re Doing

There’s actually some science out there that shows asking the right questions makes you sound smarter. Even simple things, like asking your boss, “How are you doing?” can help you start to build a tighter relationship with management.

Think about that for a second. Your boss is probably stressed and maybe even feeling underappreciated. So, a little TLC on your part in the form of a simple question, can get things started off on the right track. You can build on these interactions as you get to know your new employer. This can lead to a tighter relationship between the two of you that will help you understand what’s important to the company and your boss.

Find Out How You Can Help

Another good question is simply, “How can I help?” Asking your boss if there is something you can take off their plate is a good way to move ahead in a company. Many times, your boss will appreciate the offer but won’t have work that you can do. It’s the offer, though, that can pull real weight when building the relationship and trying to impress your boss. Sometimes, though, that question may allow you to step into new opportunities within the company. It’s a question designed to open doors.

Ask About Your Work Performance

Also, ask, “How and I doing?” and “What am I missing?” These are great questions that can guide you if you’re feeling uncertain about whether you’re doing the right things. It’s also a way to change your behaviors early in the job well before any kind of performance evaluation is conducted. Ask your new employer who you should be meeting with regularly and what tasks or reporting is expected in your first 90-days. What are the goals you should be concentrating on? All of these things will endear you to your employer who is watching to see if you are a fit at first. It will also help you prioritize the work, which at first may seem pretty overwhelming.

Determine Their Preferred Communication Style

Also ask your boss how they like to communicate. This is a respectful question that will help tailor your work style to fit what they need. Does your boss prefer instant messaging as questions come up? When should you be meeting regularly and how? Is there any reporting on your work progress that your boss is expecting?

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