Interview Approaching? Here’s How to Build Your Confidence

Very few job candidates will probably say they enjoy the interviewing process. Selling yourself to strangers in a job interview probably shouldn’t make anyone feel totally comfortable. At best, interviewing can be an exercise in self-promotion. At worst, you may leave having your confidence sorely shaken. How can you build up your confidence for the next interview and leave knowing that you gave it your best shot?

Think Positively

Interviews are a leap into the unknown. You may tell yourself that the chances are you won’t get the job anyway or you don’t have the skills. Negative thinking like this is a way for your body to cope with the stress of the unknown. It minimizes the risk of putting yourself totally out there only to ultimately not make the cut. Thinking negatively lessens the emotional fallout if you end up not getting the job. Instead, try to push the reset on what your mind is saying will occur. When your brain is saying you’re going to fail, try to counter the negativity by telling yourself the exact opposite. You do have the skills. You wouldn’t have gotten the interview if they didn’t like your resume. Try to visualize yourself in the job to help gain more confidence. Realize that someone in the company does think you have the skills or they wouldn’t have invited you in to get to know them.


Meditation techniques teach people to concentrate on their breath going in and out of the body. Before the interview, try sitting and focusing on taking deep cleansing breaths in and out. You’ll find that it will stop the worrying and spinning of your mind as it tries to cope with the fear of interviewing. Deep breathing exercises can stop an anxiety attack in its tracks. All the oxygen flowing to your brain will reinvigorate it and allow you to think more clearly and make better decisions. This will naturally help you feel more in control of the interview and more confident.

Realize You Have Power

If you’re still not feeling confident about the next job interview, try Googling “worker shortage” or “the great resignation.” Today, you are stepping into an unprecedented job market. The reality of looking for a job right now is that you, as the candidate, have the power. Employers are hungry for someone with your skills. There are shortages of workers in almost every category. What does this mean for your next interview? It means you’re interviewing the employer as much as they are interviewing you.

Test Out Your Interview Skills with Our Recruiters

Finally, if you’re still feeling nervous, consider giving ADD STAFF a call. Our recruiting team specializes in helping candidates like you find meaningful work. We can offer you a free resume review, interview practice, and plenty of advice and employer prep to help you go into your next interview with more confidence than you had before. Our job is to get you hired. With our team in your corner, why would you feel anything less than confident you’re ready to take on your new work adventure? Call us today.