5 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

Most employers have heard about the Great Resignation. But have you heard four million workers quit their jobs every month for the past six months? These kinds of numbers make retaining your existing workforce critical to your success. How can you retain your workforce longer? Let them know how much you appreciate them—that’s how. Here’s how to share the love with your work teams.

Five Ways to Say “Thank you” to Your Employees

1. Give them meaningful work.

Your employees want to participate in work that makes a difference. You can help by giving them a mission and values that mean something. Then work with your employees to create goals. It’s important to do this together with the employee and not just impose goals on this. That way, you’ll improve their buy-in.

2. Say thank you frequently.

When was the last time you told your employees that you appreciate them? You can do this verbally but you can also write them a note. This is particularly compelling when coming from someone higher up in the organization. It connects the worker to the overarching mission of the organization, too. Do not make this a form letter. We’re talking about personalized one-on-one communication that matters to your employees.

3. Encourage employees to take breaks.

Many company cultures embrace back-to-back meetings and a strong work ethic. There’s nothing wrong with that—unless your culture also frowns on taking a break or taking time off. Studies show that taking breaks throughout the day helps your team. You can also encourage employees to schedule “focused time,” where they turn off instant messaging and email and go heads down to focus on a project. This will help your teams stay productive throughout the day, instead of experiencing fatigue, burnout, and ultimately, the need to go somewhere else.

4. Listen more than you talk.

A good way to thank your employees and show them you value their work is to listen to them. This means hearing harsh feedback sometimes. It means listening instead of talking over their concerns. This is a particularly good way to engage your remote workers and make them feel like they’re still part of a team. As you listen more, you’ll hear critical things that will help you improve the organization and how you relate to your employees. This lets your workers know how much you value their input.

5. Give permission to use PTO.

Your full-time workforce has PTO, but do they use it? Probably not. In 2019, Americans failed to use 768 million days of paid time off. The reality is that PTO only means something if the employee gets to use it. If you have a culture where your teams don’t feel they can take time off, it may negatively affect retention by burning out your employees.

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