Feeling Lazy at Work? Here’s How to Stay Productive During the Summer Months

When you’re busy outside in the summer sun, it’s hard for Monday to come around. Staying productive and keeping your energy up for both all the fun that summer can bring and work—plus home life and everything else you cram into your day can be hard. Here’s how to live your best life and stay motivated at work while doing it.

Step One: Staying Productive While Working Remotely

If you are lucky enough to have a remote job, the truth is that you can work from just about anywhere—even the beach. But only if you have the right tools to stay productive when working at the beach, the park, or wherever you are right now. The key to this is to have and use a mobile hotspot. You can turn your cellphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and mobile data plans are fairly competitive. What this means for you is that you can literally now work from anywhere—and if that isn’t motivating, we will be surprised.

But this just is step one toward your goal of staying productive this summer.

Step Two: Set Your Goals

Goal setting should be a part of any job. However, if you’ve been in your position for a while, you may just be coasting through the job with no goals in mind. Here’s a tip: Always set goals, but in the summer, make one of your goals to go outside. For example, what if you work your day job in the morning with a goal of going for a walk outside over lunch? Think of it this way: If you start work at 9 am and take lunch at noon, that is just three hours of work before you can enjoy the weather. Grab lunch and take a walk. You’ll come back refreshed and reinvigorated. Then wash and repeat; by three or four pm, a shorter increment of being outside in the fresh air could keep you working till closing time. If you’re feeling sad about missing out on summer because you are stuck inside, this approach could help.<

Step Three: Don’t Multitask

You may think you’re multitasking like a champ, but the reality is that you’re not. There are scientific studies that show the human brain is really geared to handle one task at a time. If you work on a computer all day, all the instant bloops and beeps of emails and chat can literally make you crazy. Instead, it’s recommended that you increase your productivity by carving out blocks of time to work on one key thing at a time. So, if you’ve set aside a three-hour window in the morning, put it as focused time on your calendar. Then make it a point to turn off your IM and email notifications during that time. You can set these applications to “away” or even send out an email that says you have focus time during this block but are available afterward. Doctors at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic say, “The more we multitask, the less we actually accomplish.”

Find a Great Summer Job

Sometimes feeling lazy at work is a signal that you need a chance of scenery and pace. That’s where ADD STAFF can help. Contact us, and we can connect you with top employers that will help motivate and inspire your best work all summer long.