Can I Really Find a Great Job Using LinkedIn?

If you’re searching for a new job, don’t discount LinkedIn as a premium resource for your search. As a global leader in professional job boards, LinkedIn works hard to connect networks of people to further their careers. While you can use the traditional hiring process to submit a resume, here are a few tips that will help you use LinkedIn to give you a leg up in your job search.

How to Maximize LinkedIn for Your Job Search

Around 500 million people use LinkedIn these days. That’s a ripe audience just waiting for your interaction. If you’re wondering how to use the platform to your advantage, we have some tips that may help:

  • Start by targeting the company you want to work for. While traditional job applications are usually the enticement, there may be some companies that you know you’d love to work for. Take a look at these companies on LinkedIn, then look at your existing network. Do you know anyone who is already working at that company? If so, why not reach out to them to see if they will recommend you to the HR team as a potential candidate? Referrals are a top source for high-quality hires, so if you know someone that already works at that company, why not try to mine that connection? LinkedIn made it easier when they introduced their Ask For a Referral feature, so obviously, this is a good step to take.
  • Also, follow the pages of employers you’re interested in working for. That way, you’ll be one of the first to see when they post something about new open jobs. It also gives you a leg up on what’s happening at the company, such as merger and acquisitions or even layoffs.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile to let recruiters know you’re looking. There is even a slider bar called “open to hire” that you can turn on or off—and you can set it so only recruiters see that you’re looking (and not those professionals you work with, for example).
  • Turn on job alerts to notify you that a particular position is open. You can create a job search alert that emails you when similar types of jobs are open.
  • Retool your LinkedIn profile to make it about your accomplishments and not just the job titles. Look at the kinds of jobs you’re applying to, and pull-out keywords that seem to stand out more than others. Put those keywords into both your resume and your LinkedIn profile. That way, a recruiter searching for those keywords will be more likely to find you when you’re job hunting.
  • Use the “add skills” feature to click these keywords and make them prominent on your LinkedIn profile. Employers are much more interested in the skills you bring to the table over the job titles you’ve had.
  • Now, get active on LinkedIn. Make it a goal to post at least two times a week. Pay attention to the quality of your posts. This is a business-centric platform, so probably what you post on Facebook won’t be as appropriate for this venue. Each posting should instead share knowledge you have of the job you’re looking for. Your goal is to use this platform to share your expertise with others to build your professional brand. But also stay active by supporting those in your network. For example, make sure you “like” posts from people in your network. Use hashtags to further the reach of your posts.

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