Speed Up Your Recruitment Process with These Tips

There are plenty of indicators out there that a lengthy hiring process will lose you top candidates. Two years ago, 83% of employers said they had been ghosted during their hiring process. That wasn’t some sort of coincidence. Instead, a strong indicator that if you spend too much time during the candidate process, the chances are high that you would lose the candidate entirely. Here are some tips for how to shorten the hiring process and improve the candidate experience.

How to Shorten the Recruiting Process

The latest data shows that nearly one-quarter of job candidates turn down offers because the employer took too long to make them. That’s a problem—but it’s one we can fix. If you’re worried that you’re losing good people to a drawn-out hiring process, there are some steps you can take right now to change:

Eliminate unnecessary steps.

Look for any bottlenecks that slow down your hiring process. Check the online application process. Is it easy and quick, or does it require redundancies such as manually filling out the application in addition to uploading a resume? What’s your testing process like? Can it be cut down? What about the interviews? Don’t sacrifice the quality of the hire, but do cut back on anything unnecessary.

Automate the hiring process.

Use technology to inform candidates and keep them “warm” during the screening process. Today’s automation tools can contact a candidate to thank them for applying. You can set up a sequence to email candidates who have been in the process for more than a week—or longer. These tools can combine with the diligent efforts of your hiring team to keep candidates in the loop. You can also use technology for video interviews that can be scheduled more quickly than an onsite event. But a word of caution—try to consolidate the software you use in a way that makes you more, not less, efficient.

Consider checking references earlier in the process.

The standard most companies use is to check references at the end of the process. This assumes that the references are always positive. You might be surprised to note that checking references early on is actually a good way to weed out candidates early on in a more streamlined and efficient process.

Look closely at how candidate information is communicated.

How long do you give hiring managers to give their feedback after an interview? How are these details communicated? Are you struggling to even get that feedback in quickly? Consider holding a hiring panel on the Zoom call just after the candidate interviews to get immediate feedback. Use your applicant tracking system to record details, or, even better, require your hiring teams to record data directly in the tool for more efficient information sharing.


Employers must now rethink their hiring processes from the perspective of the candidate’s experience. This is the only way today that you will stand out to edge out the competition. ADD STAFF can help. We offer employers a streamlined professional outsourcing process to bring on top candidates faster. Our effort can improve your hiring process. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.