Ideas to Freshen Up Your Remote Routine

If you’re like a lot of remote workers, you may be feeling like you’ve been home for years. (Maybe you even have.) Burnout, when your life and your home are in the same place, is real. If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been repeating March 2020 over and over, it may be time to shake up your remote work lifestyle to help improve not only your productivity but your outlook on life and work. This blog will give you some great ideas for how to shake things up a little when you are a remote worker.

Breaking Your Remote Routines

Of course, it’s challenging to work in the same place where you live. While most people love remote work, it can also give you a little cabin fever, particularly if you don’t have a way to break up your routine. Remote workers are feeling a high level of burnout these days; 52%, according to Gallup. How can you freshen up your remote routine and turn your burnout around?

1. Start commuting again.

No, we don’t mean get stuck in traffic to go to an office. Instead, if you’re a remote worker, consider taking the time that you would normally commute and turn it into a walk or some other form of exercise that gets you out of the house. Sometimes burnout happens just because you don’t have a change of scenery. Getting out of the house at the beginning and end of the day, will give you a mental and physical separation between starting and ending your workday.

2. Pick one thing to look forward to every day.

If work and life is a grind, pick one reward at the end of your day to work toward. Maybe it’s one quiet hour of reading a great book in the bathtub. Maybe it’s that walk with your dog or a Starbucks run. The point is to find one bright spot that isn’t work-related that makes you feel good. After all, isn’t this really why you’re working—to get to the reward?

3. Set a theme for the week.

It could be Hawaiian shirt week or try a new menu week. Maybe it’s the week you start yoga. Or, you could make it a funny week, where you tell a joke every day or watch only comedies on TV. Maybe it’s the week you take a break from social media or watching the news. The idea here is that a thematic approach to a week that seems stale and boring could be what you need to snap out of your routine and develop a fresh perspective.

4. Change how you work.

One of the things that can seem hard sometimes is the constant multitasking and context switching between instant messaging, email, Zoom, or other forms of communication. Is there a way for you to block out sections of time where you make yourself unavailable to these constant pings from your coworkers? What if you worked on a project in the am (if you’re a morning person)? Then used lunch to answer emails and IMs? Then schedule all of your meetings into one big chunk? The point is that you switch up your naturally accepted best practices at work to a series of processes that help you work a little bit smarter.

Find a Great Remote Job Today

Finally, have you considered changing your job? Sometimes the best way to alleviate burnout symptoms is to give yourself a change in the work itself. That’s where ADD STAFF can help. We are a leading job placement agency and would like to talk with you about all of the options available for remote work today. Contact us to find out more.