Torn Between 2 Candidates? Here’s How You Can Decide Who’s the Best Fit

In this market, you may have to strain your memory to find a specific instance where you had two great candidates for one job. Teasing aside, we’ve all had situations where there is more than one candidate that could work in the role you’re hiring for. Other than flipping a coin, how can you decide which of these “perfect matches” are really the right fit?

Picking the Perfect Candidate

Consider the Cultural Fit

We spend a lot of time looking for hard requirements as the first step in sourcing candidates. That makes sense, because you want someone experienced enough to handle the technical requirements of the job. But what about culture fit? Culture fit is something that we screen for, certainly, but it can be harder to discern in a candidate. However, if you’re torn between two candidates that seem to have the hard skills needed for the role, the cultural fit can be a good differentiator to help you decide.

Culture fit isn’t just about how they will mesh with the team, either, but also what they will add to the culture that you’re missing. You don’t want a workforce that is too homogeneous; that kills innovation and creates a lot of “yes men” in your organization. Instead consider your two perfect candidates from the perspective of what values, backgrounds, or other characteristics they’ll bring to your team within the context of your culture. Does either of your candidates bring a fresh perspective that you’ve been missing on the team? Which one is more creative or brings experiences that everyone else can learn from? This may help you pick one candidate over the other and break the tie.

Take Personality Into Account

Also, consider the candidate within the context of the overall team they’ll join. Are there any personality conflicts that could occur between one or the other candidate and someone on the team? Remember, you’re looking for anything that can set one candidate over the other. So, which person would make a more positive impact and add real value to the department—or perhaps create disruption and discord?

Consider Soft Skills

Soft skills are also just as important as hard skills. Which candidate exhibits better problem-solving skills. Is one a better teacher or more empathic than the other? Which candidate is a better communicator, both verbally and in writing? Innovation is important in most companies. Did one candidate exhibit fresher ideas? When looking at both candidates, how do you think they’ll handle conflict? Are they able to see the big picture as well as the small details? Finally, is one candidate more of a self-starter and a leader than the other?

Who Brings More to the Table?

To break the tie between two candidates, we often counsel our clients to look at candidates not just from the perspective of what they need now, but what the business will need in the future. Which candidate brings more to the table from the perspective of what your future will hold?

We Can Help You Find Top Talent

Hiring managers trust ADD STAFF to not only provide the high-quality funnel of potential candidates that could not only lead to this kind of tie but also to provide the insight to help companies find the best possible fit. If you’re struggling to find top talent, please call on us. We can help you meet your hiring goals.