10 Crucial Resume Tips to Help You Stand Out

How is it that there are a record number of job openings and people still aren’t getting hired, according to The Washington Post? For even the most in-demand candidates, it seems that there’s a disconnect between the resume they’re sending out and the job offer. If you’re wondering what’s missing on your resume, here are some resume tips that will help you stand out and give you a better chance of nailing the job you want.

10 Resume Tips to Help You Stand Out

1. Start with what the hiring manager is looking for. Evaluate your resume against the job ad. What keywords does the job description have that your resume doesn’t? We recommend tailoring your resume to fit the job requirements to stand a better chance of getting an interview.

2. Tailor your resume even further to fit the industry you’re in. If you have career experience that doesn’t fit, consider leaving it out. Showcase the skills and experiences relevant to the career path you’re on. Consider what is relevant about your expertise to the job at hand.

3. It’s okay to have a summary at the top, but don’t make it generic. The hiring team knows you’re seeking a job—but who are you? Include your name and contact info right at the top of the resume to make it easy for the recruiter to contact you. But you can also have a two-sentence summary that sums up your experience. Again, tailor your summary to the job you’re applying to.

4. Pull out relevant skills to the job and highlight them. Analyze your resume against the job requirements. Maybe you left out skills that are important to the employer.

5. Stay concise. No one needs a 10-page resume or even 5-pages. Most resumes should be one page, possibly two at most. Avoid any fluff or needless words that you think make you look smarter but are probably unnecessary.

6. Use bullets and lead with action words like “accomplished” or “created” or “implemented.” Focus on what you actually did while on the job. What accomplishments affected your success?

7. Make the resume visually appealing. You want the reader’s eye to naturally flow down the page. Use a professional font in size 12 and keep your design visually appealing. Don’t distract from the content, which is the real you that you’re trying to share with employers.

8. If you’re applying for a creative job, it makes sense that your resume design will reflect your personal style. After all, the resume will be the first creative piece that the recruiter sees. Make sure it’s a reflection of your brand.

9. Do submit a cover letter. These days it’s so easy to do one-click applies, but we recommend taking a moment and submitting a personalized cover letter. This gives you an opportunity to help you stand out as a candidate.

10. Finally, have a second set of eyes proofread your letter. Even one small typo can ruin your chances with a company. Consider that recruiters are looking for something that will disqualify you, so don’t let a small typo ruin your chances.

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