Here’s How AI & Automation Will Change Hiring in 2022

We’re living in a time of great uncertainty, but the one thing we can count on is that technology will change our lives this year. From a hiring perspective, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are subsets of the tech world that will impact your business and hiring teams this year. How will these tech tools change your company’s recruiting and hiring environments this year?

AI Isn’t Just a Buzzword

You’ve probably heard the words AI and automation thrown around interchangeably. They can be one and the same but are often not in reality. AI is a computer science devoted to the idea that our computers can and will pick up many of the thinking processes we as humans take for granted. For example, facial recognition allows computers to visually see a face and place a person’s name to it. That’s something humans do every day, but not computer software can make the machines do it, too. But the reality of this is—we’re just getting started.

Automation is one tiny part of AI science. Automation algorithms allow the computer to naturally perform tasks that you, the human, once performed by hand. Automation will free up human beings to skip the mundane tasks related to hiring (or other work-related goals) and instead focus on things that only the human can do well, such as build a relationship with the candidate.

You can see automation at work every day in your applicant tracking system (ATS). For example, when a candidate applies to a job, does an automatic email go out thanking them for their application? We hope you have at least this small level of automation in place. That, however, is the tip of the iceberg for the kinds of AI automation that you can use. For example:

  • You can automate the candidate search process. Instead of hunting on LinkedIn manually for candidates, the AI automation programs of the future will source faster and better than you can.
  • Automated assessments can gauge the skill of candidates, further weeding out the applicant pool. How much time could you save if the human hiring manager only sees a targeted high-level set of candidates that have been pre-vetted as highly skilled?
  • Automated interview scheduling could also boost your efficiency. There’s no more back and forth emailing; automation could instantly update calendars to keep the process moving forward.

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If you think of it this way, the computers can do a lot of the busywork associated with hiring. Imagine how much more time you could spend interviewing candidates? AI can speed up your hiring process and help you work a little smarter. That’s also the goal of ADD STAFF. We are the chosen partner for some of the country’s leading companies, and we represent the best talent. What are you waiting for? We are standing by to help your business. Call on us.