Here’s Why Temporary Work is Becoming More Popular Than Ever Before

Everything has changed. Our attitudes toward work are evolving. Our desire for more flexibility is strong. Employers are paying attention to the new employee attitudes that seek out flexible positions where they call the shots. More employers than ever before are turning to temporary workers to fill gaps in their hiring strategies while reaching a highly desirable candidate pool that wants work when they want it. Temporary work is the new win/win for employers and employees. Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding Flex Staffing

These days, every industry uses contingent hiring, flexible staffing, or good old temping to find more candidates fast. This could include contractors, freelancers, temporary workers, contract-to-hire, and more. You may have considered temp workers as strictly blue-collar talent in the past. There are a lot of warehouse and construction workers out there that serve in temp or temp-to-hire positions. You might be surprised to hear that 40% of white-collar workers are temporary or contract workers. This type of gig economy is increasing. FlexJobs shows 36% of all the workers in the U.S. have some sort of freelance role; this number has increased by two million workers since 2019. Why is this the case? Because there are big benefits for employers and the workers themselves.

Benefits of Temp Work

A temporary job allows the employer to adapt to volatile markets and some of the big economic uncertainties we’ve been facing recently. Virus spikes, supply chain disruption, and a whole new group of remote workers have really changed most companies’ business models. It’s been a bumpy ride for most employers from a hiring perspective; temp workers can smooth out temporary spikes in demand without the risk of having full-time workers on the team when the economy tanks again. A flexible staffing strategy requires temp workers to handle sudden stops and starts during the COVID economy.
But don’t think the benefits of temporary work are all on the employer’s side. Temp workers have the flexibility to try these jobs out before buying. Many employers are very interested in hiring proven staff to their coffers. However, there is a lot of risk for the worker when taking on a full-time job sight unseen. Instead, temp jobs allow the candidate the time to check out what the job is really like before committing to the job full-time.

Companies can end up saving thousands if they end up hiring temporary help. You avoid benefits and paid time off, although these are often included in the staffing agency packages. That brings us to an important point; if you’re considering temporary help, it’s a staffing agency that can be so helpful for recruiting, onboarding, offboarding, and more. Staffing agencies like ADD STAFF have worked with their candidates for years as we get to know them. This makes us better than the competition at finding you the best fit.

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