5 Things to Consider When Looking at Your Accounting Hiring Strategy

Tax season is fast approaching, but before things get hairy, let’s talk about changing your hiring strategy to fit the demands of a busy season. Many accounting firms we work with typically ramp up for the first and second quarter but make cuts after the rush is over. Others may be gradually adding new full-time staff as they grow their business. What steps do you need to take right now to determine the best approach toward hiring for your business?

Hiring Strategies for the Busy Accounting Firm

1. Analyze your payroll records from the last tax season.

Large firms should take the time to review their payroll records for an accurate headcount. But you should also be looking for key pieces of data that will help inform your hiring decisions in 2022. For example, did your staff rack up a lot in overtime pay last year? How long did your temp workers engage with the firm—if you had any? Basically, you’re trying to determine whether the staffing you had for last year’s tax season was adequate and whether you need to cut back or add more this year.

2. Ask your current team for their advice for staffing this year?

You can supplement this strategy by simply asking your current staff what they learned from tax season. Did they feel overwhelmed with their workload, or could they take on more? How was their work/life balance? Were there workers you brought in who did an exceptional job that could potentially serve as full-time workers if you need one this year? What went well, and what could be improved upon this year? Taking this approach will not only give you solid information, but it will also connect you with your team, letting them know you care about their opinion and are working hard to make this year’s tax season go more smoothly.

3. Figure out your level of digitization.

It’s also a good time to determine whether your existing team or the team you brought in had the modern skills you need to fit your customer’s demands. Does your staff have the kind of technical skills that will make tax season flow smoothly this year? Assess the communication skills of your team. Are you satisfied with customer reviews of your service? Are there specific service levels or areas of communication that you feel the team should improve upon? Review your company’s digital presence to ensure you’re represented appropriately in the digital space both to clients and to any potential job candidates seeking employment.

4. Think about staffing in relation to your service lines.

Next, you’ll get to the big question, which is, do you have the right kind of staff to create a solid customer experience to fit the service lines you’re offering? Is there a specific type of talent that you need to earn more customers in a particular growth area for your business?

5. Partner with a recruiting firm.

Finally, talk to a recruiting firm like ADD STAFF about your projected hiring needs for tax season. We can help you develop and deploy a smart approach to hiring that maximizes your budget. We know formulating a staffing plan for a seasonal business is hard. But by working with our team, you gain access to our expertise about the market, the workforce, and ultimately, your customers.

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