Looking Back: Lessons Learned in 2021 & How We Can Improve in 2022

What a year. In fact, the last two years have felt like one long COVID haze for most of us. 2020 saw the onset of a global pandemic, supply chain issues, and the rise of remote work. 2021 was some of the same but just more normalized. This past year, we learned how to bounce back from adversity while adjusting our teams to a remote work environment. What lessons from 2021 can we take forward to 2022?

Remote Work is the New Work

2021 brought us the Great Resignation. (Thanks, 2021.) CNBC says candidates are calling the shots these days and that if you don’t offer remote or other types of flexible work environments, you’ll be “losing out on up to 70% of job-seekers.” In 2021, remote work normalized, and tens of millions of people quit their jobs to seek this new frontier. When preparing for 2022, you should ramp up jobs that offer remote or hybrid arrangements or run the risk of having long hiring delays. Employers that reconsider what’s expected in terms of being outside an office environment will win. Those that don’t—won’t.

There is one bright spot for employers worried about this new push toward remote work. You just broadened your labor pool considerably, which means you’ll have a better shot at finding those purple unicorns you’ve been searching for.

Even the Biggest Meeting Doesn’t Need to Be On-Site

From sales calls to corporate presentations, trade shows to vendor meetups, we are now online for our work meetings. It’s saving the American business owner millions on travel costs. Educational webinars have taken the place of in-person lectures. There is no more battling jet lag or calling a travel agent when a flight is unexpectedly canceled. But work is getting done, deals are closing, and our clients and boards say they like these new rules. This won’t change in 2022.

Diversity and Inclusion will be Critically Important

The latest data shows us that 70% of candidates will select a company in part based on their D&I initiatives. This is just as important as benefits and flex work. Candidates are getting serious about these initiatives and will actively judge you if you don’t have a diverse panel of people doing interviews. They want to see your D&I statement, too, and heaven help the company that fails to create these important corporate goals.

To Attract Candidates, Promote Job Benefits Tied to Remote Work

If your new employees are working remotely, they simply won’t care that you have a ping pong table in the lobby. Try to be creative in your approach to these remote workers by coming up with benefits that they will really care about.

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