What Industries Are Paying the Most This Year?

Hasn’t the last year been interesting? The global pandemic changed the way we live and work. It fundamentally changed corporate processes, driving more people to work from home and creating new opportunities for growth in traditional business models. What industries thrived in 2020 and 2021? From video conferencing solutions to healthcare, IT, to online education. Based on what we’ve seen this year, what industries will be the ones to break into in 2022? Here are our predictions, including the salaries that will skyrocket next year?

2022 Which Jobs to Get into in 2022?

We’re living in a time of unprecedented change. Industries are shifting as markets move faster than ever. In this kind of increasing volatility, how can job candidates learn the skills they’ll need to take advantage of some of the most lucrative jobs in the industry in 2022 and beyond?


In the accounting field, actuaries are expected to grow their salaries by 18% from the median $111,000 these professionals were paid in 2020. Actuaries work for insurance companies helping them make decisions based on risk.


In manufacturing, industrial engineers will have a salary growth rate from the current nearly $90,000. These professionals make well over six figures on average. Industrial engineers will be particularly in-demand because their job is to integrate processes and workflows while creating greater organizational efficiencies—something every manufacturing company needs.

Computer Science & IT

In the IT world, computer programmers will always be in demand. The current average salaries of these professionals average more than $110,000, and the industry average will increase by 22% by 2029. But an increasing push for companies to leverage all of their data will elevate a certain type of computer scientist to the forefront of the job market. Data Scientists already make six figures on average, but they can expect a 31% increase in those salary numbers in the coming years. Data scientists take computerized information, clean it, and push it into channels that help make sense of it. Data scientists are tasked with helping organizations make actionable decisions from the data they collect.


Marketing managers will be in demand in the coming years, as well. The current average salaries of marketing managers are around $141,490, with a projected 6% growth in the next decade. Marketing managers run marketing teams whose job it is to promote products and companies. Given how much noise there is out there today, it’s no wonder these professionals are in demand.


Finally, no discussion about hot industries and jobs to pursue in the coming years would be complete without mentioning healthcare. Registered nurses are highly in demand, currently making $80,000 annually on average, with a projected increase of 7% in the coming years. While doctors are always in demand, physician assistants, who make $115,000 annually on average can expect a 31% increase in their base salaries in the next few years.

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