Need Help Sourcing Executive-Level Candidates? ADD STAFF Can Help!

You thought hiring talent in today’s job market was tough? Try finding an executive-level candidate. Executive-level leaders are the organizational strategists, the business makers, and the ones everyone else looks to follow. Find a good one, and it can reshape the entire organization. With so much riding on executive recruiting, why would you trust this to anyone other than a recruiting team that specializes in executive talent?

Why You Need an Executive Recruiting Firm?

The combination of the cost in salary and the potential cost to your organization makes executive recruiting just a tricky job. Executives play a critical role in the overall health of our organization. Their tasks include everything from representing the organization to the media during a crisis to setting strategy, approving budgets, and even managing financial investors or a board of directors. It’s no wonder these professionals make hefty salaries and bonuses—life and health, as well as public perception, are tied into these positions.

This often isn’t a role that you can plan for in-house, either. These positions often require an experienced external resource, particularly in mid-level to enterprise-size organizations. Along the same lines, a standard recruiter cannot recruit at the executive level. They simply lack the connections that can lead them to have a conversation with potential executive-level candidates. It takes a massive amount of work and skill to land these candidates. What tips can an executive staffing agency like ADD STAFF share?

Tips for Recruiting at the Executive Level

ADD STAFF has successfully sourced and hired dozens of executive candidates. That’s why large companies choose us to find top talent. Here are just a few tips that help us stand out:

  • We offer unparalleled networks and a seamless process that drives results. To do this, we get to know our clients at a depth that a general recruiting firm simply cannot.
  • The C-suite knows us. They take our recruiter’s calls. Think about it—there are a dozen other recruiters out there trying to get the attention of an executive-level candidate. ADD STAFF built a reputation over time that helps us get the attention of the c-suite.
  • We do extensive research on the candidate and their track record. We make use of our networks to build on what we know about these candidates so that the executives we send through for your review are more thoroughly vetted and ready to meet your team.

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