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How to Tell If a Company Truly Values Diversity

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Diversity is increasingly important to job candidates. But if you’re looking for a new job, how can you be sure that the company really lives out what it says in its diversity statement? Of course, if the organization doesn’t have a diversity statement, that’s a problem. Today, though, most companies at least pay lip service to diversity. If you’re a job candidate, how can you be sure that what you see on paper is really being lived out in real life?

Signs Diversity Matters to a Company

The first step is to review the company’s website and see if they have a diversity statement. Most likely, they do; it’s a rare company today that doesn’t list diversity as their goal. But look more closely at the company website beyond what they say about diversity to figure out if they really practice what they preach. Do you see the same kind of demographics represented in the pictures on their “Careers” page? Do you see yourself represented? Is it a fairly homogenous group?

Now take a look at employee (or former employee) reviews on Glassdoor. Researching the company should start with these types of sites, but you can also glean information from the company’s leadership page. Are there women and people of color serving in leadership roles? Take a look at any press releases the company has issued. Which executives are getting quoted?

You can even decode the job description. Ask yourself:

  • Is it gender-neutral?
  • Is the language skewed to a certain population?
  • Does it have phrases like “high-energy,” which could be code for “young?”

Look at the company’s core values. Do they have a mission statement, and does it mention diversity? See if they have a Chief Diversity Officer in their HR team. The issue of diversity should come up as part of your interview process. Some good questions to ask include:

  • Can you provide some examples of what you’re doing to promote diversity in your organization?
  • Does the company provide leadership with diversity and inclusion training?
  • What corporate “give-back” initiatives do you undertake every year?
  • Does the company offer benefits like extended family leave or other benefits to support working families?

You can even look at the company’s paid time off. Do they celebrate other holidays beyond traditional Christmas?

Finally, consider reaching out to your network to determine if you know someone you can ask about the diversity angle at the company. You can use LinkedIn to look at pictures of who works at the company in non-leadership or lower executive positions. Look for obvious demographic issues that you can spot in a picture.

All of these steps take some time, but if you’re committed to diversity, as you should be, these steps are worth it.

Why Companies Do (and Should) Value Diversity

A recent study found that 67% of job seekers say that diversity is important when selecting a company to work for. Other studies show that productivity and innovation increase when the company is made up of a great diverse group of individuals that come together to collaborate.

However, most companies realize diversity as a goal and still not a reality, particularly when you consider who serves on their leadership teams. Your goal, though, should be to determine how hard the company is working to diversify and whether you’re comfortable with their effort and approach.

We Can Help You Find a Great Company

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