Budget-Friendly Ways to Give Back to Your Staff During the Holidays

It’s time to talk about the holidays again. As we make our way toward the end of the year, most employers will search for ways to show their staff that they matter to the organization. The idea of giving back this year seems even more important, frankly, because COVID has taken a toll on almost everyone. Organizations know that giving back to their staff is important. A recent survey showed that most HR managers believe it’s acceptable to give presents or have a gift exchange at work. How can you, as the employer, give back to your staff this year without blowing your budget? We have some great suggestions.

How to Give Back to Your Staff This Year—On a Budget

Give Them a Flexible Schedule

Schedule flexibility is probably the number one way you can give back to your staff this year. This is especially true since your workforce may have experienced a taste of working remotely over the past two years. While many companies have ventured back to the office, the reality is that most jobs can be done from home. McKinsey reports that many companies are adopting new and more permanent remote and hybrid options for their employees. They say, “This sensible decision follows solid productivity increases during the pandemic.”
So, if you’ve returned to an office, why not consider offering more scheduling flexibility as a way to share your appreciation this holiday season. The best holiday gifts show employees that you respect and care about them. Why not show them you trust them by allowing them to do their job from home periodically? Or allowing them to comp some time out to take care of personal issues more frequently? You will build more loyalty in your staff in the long run.

Give Back to Your Local Communities

Giving back to the community will unite your team around a greater good. You could have a potluck and kick off a toy drive for the holiday. You could take a half-day and go volunteer at the local food bank. The holidays are about giving and your employers would probably love to offer a way for the company to give back to the community. It’s a great PR opportunity as well as building on team spirit and the give of giving for your teams.

Team Gear

Company swag is a great way to build your brand while bringing teams together to celebrate your business. T-shirts and coffee mugs don’t have to cost a lot to show your workforce their effort matters all year long.

We Can Help You Navigate the Holidays

The key to the holidays is to give your workforce the things that matter to them. Increasing paid time off or allowing more schedule flexibility are low-cost ways to appreciate your teams. Or, get together and do something good for your community. All of these things will be appreciated. If you’re looking for talent this holiday season, don’t forget about ADD STAFF. We can show employees they’re appreciated by helping you build stronger teams. Find out how we can help by contacting us today.

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