Must-Have Organizational Skills for Any Receptionist

Receptionists are still the most important gatekeepers for any business. They serve as the first line of customer contact and serve an important role for the entire company. If you are a receptionist, your skills are highly in demand. But you must know the right way to present your resume to show employers you have what it takes. This blog will help you present your resume in the best light by sharing the top organizational skills an employer looks for.

What are the Top Resume Skills for Receptionists?


Communication is always one of the top skills receptionists must have to succeed. Receptionists must communicate verbally in person and on the phone and have good writing skills to send out correspondence on behalf of the company. It makes sense that your resume highlights your experiences as a great communicator.


Your organizational skills also matter to employers. With the best receptionists, the ability to multitask is an art form. If you can juggle a phone call, an unfinished report, and a walk-in client, make sure your resume reflects it. So many people are not good multitaskers that this is a skill highly in demand for top employers. Receptionists file, handle projects, run computer backups, schedule meetings, order party supplies, and more.

Stressing your ability to multitask is one thing, but staying calm under pressure is another. Make sure if you can handle deadlines, irate customers, and inquiries from your boss, you talk about it on your resume. Handline stress is critically important but remaining calm while multitasking and getting work done elevates you to the top 5% in your field—or less.


Having technical skills is critically important today. If you use software programs in your job (and who doesn’t), make sure you list the types of digital tools you use. This will make you much more attractive to your employer. Can you use QuickBooks for payroll? Excel for tracking? Word for documents? What other types of tools do you know? How about PowerPoint for presentations? All of these skills are needed in almost every business.

Customer Service

We know sometimes customer service can feel like “client wrangling.” It’s true that difficult customers can be a drain on your energy. But maybe you have a knack for handling even the toughest clients. Suppose you can present a fresh, relaxed manner to any visitor stepping into the office and have skills that also allow you to handle disgruntled or otherwise unhappy clients. What employer wouldn’t want to take advantage of that excellent customer service? Today, every bad customer experience could lead to a negative review online. That makes your ability to handle every encounter with aplomb highly marketable skills appreciated by every business.

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