8 HR Tips for Small Businesses in Colorado

HR is a big job, no matter the size of your business. Increasing regulations, the complexities of hiring, retention, and firing, and payroll, make it easy to get any company into hot water—including yours. To set yourself up for success, consider following these HR tips to learn best practices that will keep your business legal and your employees happy.

1. Get a handle on employment law.

Not only do you need to stay on top of federal rules related to hiring, payroll, compensation, and payroll, and more, you also have to track what’s happening federally. Believe us when we tell you that keeping track of these rules is a full-time job. From OSHA safety rules to compensation, benefits, and labor laws, all keep HR teams on their toes.

2. Manage payroll effectively.

It’s incredibly easy to mismanage payroll. Especially now, when some employees are remote, some are 1099, and still, others fall under the traditional on-site full-time hire. Mismanaging payroll is far easier than getting it right—unless you know what you’re doing.

3. Understand documentation for employee files.

There are even rules related to the kind of information you need to keep in employee files as hard copy in your business. How and what you retain is mandated, but it’s for your own good to help protect you in the event of an employee issue.

4. Develop and maintain an employee handbook.

Businesses need an employee handbook to set policies that employees must follow. It should play a prominent role in orientation, and the employee should sign that they’ve read it. You should also regularly update the manual to keep it current.

5. Establish performance management and accountability standards.

Holding your workforce accountable is critical to increasing company production. Everyone should have goals and work toward them, and managers should be trained in the right ways to hold employees accountable.

6. Create a strong benefits package.

Every company has variance in their benefits packages. If you get it right, this can be a strong attractant to a great caliber of job candidates. Many employees are willing to negotiate lower salaries for better benefits, so if you can get them, use them.

7. Watch for changes in the laws.

Every year there are changes, both in Colorado employment law as well as federal rules. If you don’t keep up, you run the risk of being hit with costly penalties or even a lawsuit from an employee.

8. Hire the best talent.

On top of all the variances in HR, you somehow have to attract and hire the best talent. It’s overwhelming unless you get a little help from your friends at ADD STAFF.

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