5 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Your employees want to feel like they matter to you. If you can find ways to show employees their worth, you will be more likely to retain them longer and increase their productivity. In this market, where it’s so hard to find suitable job candidates, keeping your current employees longer will help your organization reach its hiring goals. But how can employers show their workforce they matter? It goes beyond just saying, “Thank you.” Here’s how to do it.

How to Show Employees You Appreciate Them

1. Create a system of rewards.

This could be a digital rewards program like Bonusly, for example. Bonusly gives points that can be traded in for gift cards. Your employees can give each other rewards, and you can, too. You could also set up monthly or quarterly productivity contests with cash and prizes. Your business could even publish a newsletter or do a social media spotlight on someone you’d like to recognize. Remember those old “employee of the month” awards? Instilling something like that will go a long way toward showing people that you care and appreciate them.

2. Do after-hours events.

If a team reaches a significant milestone, why not take them out to Happy Hour? When employees hit their work anniversaries, why not take them out to lunch? Host a company picnic outside in the fall. Or select some other type of team-building activity outside of the regular office setting. You’ll get to know your employees and also show them your appreciation for their great work.

3. Feed them.

Pizza parties or a catered lunch are great ways to show teams you care. But you could also cater donuts and coffee once a month and call it a “You Matter Breakfast.” You could even tie this to company productivity metrics to give everyone something to work toward.

4. Establish an engagement committee.

This group can be tasked with coming up with great ideas to build a culture of gratitude in your organization. They can do things like conduct employee polls or set up events to engage your workforce. The point here is that you involve employees in a getting and giving feedback loop. For example, this committee can poll employees regularly to gauge the temperature of your teams. This will allow you to shift policies, procedures, and workflows so that everyone is happier and more productive.

5. Set up a system for employees to express gratitude.

Once you’ve established new ways to show employees that you’re grateful, why not open the floodgates and let employees do the same. Once a week (at least), start your group meetings with kudos for those who have excelled in their contribution. It’s important that employees also spread the appreciation around. It will change your culture, collaboration, and productivity in very positive ways.

Another important tip for employers is that each of these events is an opportunity to take photos. You can use those pictures of your (happy) employees on your careers page. Share them on social media. Or create a big board in the employee break room called “Thank you for your good work!” and add pictures of employees at various events and activities. These photos can tell a great story about company culture that will attract more people to your company.

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