Landing Your First Job

For many new college graduates, the COVID-19 pandemic created a gap in their resumes between graduation and their next job. Many struggled to find meaningful work in their chosen career path. For these young workers, COVID created a “lost year” of sorts, and as businesses have reopened, many are still trying to find their first job.

If you’re one of these newly graduating students looking for your first job, this blog may help.

Why Are You Having Trouble Finding Work?

Right now, it seems like everyone is hiring. That may be true, but you still may have difficulties finding a job, particularly if you don’t have a job history, just your education. It’s hard for new grads sometimes to break into a field. You also may not be sure of exactly what you want to do in your first position. Some basic mistakes we often see are when new graduates end up going after jobs they really aren’t qualified for yet. Give some thought as to what area you want to focus on when applying for new jobs. Keep in mind you don’t have to apply for jobs in your field, either. The point is that you get the best job you can get right now to build out your resume.

Your Resume is Holding You Back

Speaking of your resume, how does yours look? Your resume is still the first look an employer will have at your skills. If you have internships or volunteer experiences, make sure those are predominantly displayed. For employers looking at two new graduates, we think the candidate with the internships will probably stand a better chance at getting the job.

Poor Preparation

Another common mistake is poor preparation for your job search. Do your research into the company you’re applying to. Tailor your resume to fit the job you’re applying for. You should also make sure you have appropriate interview attire, even if the employer contact is mainly online.

Follow-Up After Your Interview

One area you may miss is in the follow-up to the interview. That may come with experience, but as a new job seeker, you may not realize that it’s better to reach out to the hiring manager after you’ve applied. Certainly, send a thank you after the interview is complete. Don’t make the mistake of applying and just waiting for the interview request that never comes. We know it can get complicated when you’re applying for several jobs simultaneously, but make sure you’re tracking the roles you’re applying to. That way, you can follow up after the fact.

Don’t Wait – Start Your Search Now

Start your job search now, if you haven’t begun yet. You can never start this process too early. Use your network to talk to people and share you’re looking for a position. The majority of jobs aren’t even listed before they are filled. That’s because networking is an effective way to land a new job.

Contact Our Recruiters Today!

Another tip is to work with a qualified recruiting firm like ADD STAFF. We offer new graduates a free career-finding service that can help them find their next role. Our efforts to help new graduates revise their resumes and improve their interview skills may be exactly what you need to land your first job. Talk with ADD STAFF. We can help new graduates find their first gig. Call on us to find out what we can do for you.