What Clerical Skills are Employers Looking for in Candidates?

Most employers seeking new administrative workers are looking for a high level of clerical skills in these candidates. That’s because clerical skills serve as the foundation for productivity no matter what industry these workers serve. If you’re looking for an administrative position for your next job, this article will help you understand the kinds of skills top employers are seeking. If you hone these skills, you’ll get top pay and the job you want and need.

Top Clerical Skills in 2021 to Build On

Office skills are administrative in nature. They help offices function smoothly in areas like appointment scheduling, customer service, business organization, and much more. Without these professionals, most offices would quickly fall apart. That’s why having the right skills make you very valuable to employers.

When companies are looking for potential office and clerical skills, they look for a mix of experiences that illustrate your ability to stay organized, even when the pressure is on. This could include:


The ability to multitask many simultaneous projects. Most offices are busy, with multiple things going on simultaneously. An office could also handle any crises that pop up during the day. If you can handle everything that’s going on and still find time for lunch, you have the skills most employers want.

Work Well Under Pressure

The skills to stay cool under pressure. These skills mean you do well when handling stressful situations and don’t get overly emotional no matter what happens. This makes you easier to work with, and your team will thank you for having the ability to handle the occasional crisis.

Strategic Skills

Strategic skills that let you determine a task list every day that keeps you from missing deadlines. Clerical teams must automatically segment their workload in ways that help them organize a busy office. How you store and file documents, whether they are digital or on paper, will matter to most employers.

Time-management skills are critical. Can you get all your work done on time? The best clerical workers are naturally efficient and able to juggle all the tasks required.

Computer Skills

Employers are also looking for critical thinkers who are able to juggle multiple tasks. To do this, we often use computer skills for everything from appointment scheduling to task management. What computer skills do you have that would benefit the typical employer? Typically, we look for:

  • Google Docs and Sheets experience.
  • Microsoft Word and Excel skills.
  • Email acumen with Outlook or other tools.

Some clerical teams even handle payroll or finance duties. In these cases, we typically see employers looking for QuickBooks skills or, at the very least, Excel to help with billing, timesheets, and more.

Communication Skills

Finally, one of the biggest requirements that employers look for today is your verbal and written communication skills. This is huge. Can you answer the phone promptly and professionally? Can you formulate basic correspondence in an email or through snail mail? How clearly can you articulate to your coworkers about a task you’re working on? Clerical workers are often the first point of contact for any visitor to an office setting. You must be positive, articulate, friendly, and efficient. If you have these skills, we have employers that want to speak with you.

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