Increasing Employee Retention

Building employee loyalty is a hard goal. That’s because more American workers are more willing to quit their jobs than ever before. The data shows that one in four employees says they will quit their job for a new opportunity. That makes it tough for employers to retain their top workers. Here are some suggestions for how your organization can build loyalty with your existing teams to retain them for the longer term.

Why Are People Leaving Your Company?

To understand how to retain your workforce, we first need to understand why people leave it. CNBC reports that more people are willing to leave their current position today for several reasons:

  • 80% say they’re concerned about their career advancement.
  • 72% say they are rethinking their skill sets in preparation for taking on a new job.
  • Most say they are looking for greater flexibility than their current job can offer.

This data is valuable for employers seeking new ways to create ties with their existing employees. What can you do right now to retain more of your top workforce?

Build Employee Loyalty with These Tips

Set a Mission Statement

Today, your employees are seeking a sense of purpose that won’t be satisfied by just a job and a paycheck. If your employees don’t understand the “why” behind their work, they will be less likely to stay. Many times, employers create a mission statement or a set of core values, but they fail to communicate and stress those driving goals across the organization. However, the latest data shows that your workforce wants to engage in a mission that is greater than themselves. How can you create that sense of purpose in every initiative you undertake?

Pay Well & Offer Benefits

Employees are no longer willing to accept anything less than great pay and even greater benefits. Companies must step up to offer the best hourly rates or salaries that they can in order to keep their existing workforce and attract new talent. It’s a simple idea: Pay your employees what they are worth. Today, the best talent will have one eye on the door if you don’t or won’t follow this new compensation approach.

Help Your Employees Grow & Develop

To build loyalty, your managers should also be trained in how to create an employee growth roadmap. Each manager should meet regularly with new and existing employees to create a plan for their growth and development with the company. This requires employers to ask questions like: Where would you like your career to head in three years? What are your goals for the future with our company? Then, work directly with each employee to create a plan for helping them get there. This means employers should create new opportunities to upskill each worker. That will build their loyalty and keep them in your organization for the long haul.

How Can ADD STAFF Help You Build Your Workforce?

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