Using Temp Work to Your Advantage

Temporary work used to be looked at as a stepping stone to a full-time job. Today that’s not necessarily the case. There are short and long-term benefits to temp work today. These benefits make temping a lucrative career path. Many candidates have a bias against temp work, but today, they shouldn’t. Here’s how to reap the benefits of temp work to further your career.

What are the Advantages of Temporary Work Today?

Beef Up Your Resume

A temp job can give you valuable job skills that improve your resume. It’s a good way to fill gaps in employment, but it’s an even better way to break into an industry where you don’t have a lot of experience. Even the tools you use on the job will help improve your skills, whether it’s driving a forklift or using a new piece of software.

Find a Job Fast

Temp jobs can also get you back to work quickly. There’s usually a shorter time to hire for these jobs because most employers want to fill these roles fast. That can keep you working and off unemployment, a place where no one wants to be. You know the saying, “It’s easier to find a job if you have a job,” so staying employed will help make you more marketable to employers.

It Could Lead to Full-Time Employment

A temporary job could actually be a path toward a permanent role. However, ADD STAFF works with a whole cadre of temp workers that like the flexibility that temping provides. You have the option to take a job or not because there are almost always assignments out there where you can work as much as you want to. Some temporary jobs lead to permanent positions, but the pay is great on these jobs, so the truth is, you may want to keep temping long-term.

Temporary jobs also allow you to try out a company before you commit to a full-time role if one is available. Or, if you’re switching industries, temping allows you to see if you even like the work you’ll be doing. That’s critical if you don’t know the field but believe it to be a good fit for your skills.

More Flexibility

Temp jobs also offer the flexibility of doing the work and then just going home. This gives you a work/life balance that other career path positions simply don’t offer. If you have other commitments at home or just want to have fun and stop worrying about your job, temporary work gives you options that full-time work doesn’t. Forget salaries—where working overtime means you earn nothing. Most temp jobs are paid hourly, so if you decide to work late, you’re going to be paid well for it.

So, what about temping as a career? There’s been a lot written about how freelancing is growing in popularity. So is temping. Today, American workers want options, flexibility, and a great-paying job that gives them back a measure of control. You still have a boss when you’re temping (and when you’re freelancing, for that matter), but it gives you options that you simply don’t have with a full-time role.

We Can Help You Find a Job!

If you thrive on variety. If you’re looking for a better-paying job. If you want some measure of control over the work you take on, temping offers these benefits—and more. If you haven’t called ADD STAFF about an introduction to the new world of temping, you should. Contact us and get back to work.

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