How to Keep Your Workers Focused & On Track During the Summer

Summertime is generally considered a fun time. Employees take vacations, kids are out of school, and most of us have shorter attention spans as the outdoors, the pool, and other activities distract us. Whether you are working in an office or at home, it’s hard to focus on work when the sun is shining. How can employers keep their workers focused and on track this summer?

Engaging Your Workforce This Summer to Improve Productivity

Some of the best ways to improve employee engagement this summer includes:


Stay flexible. This is particularly important when the workforce is in an office. If your team has been very productive and is meeting their goals, watch what happens when you recognize the employee’s contributions by letting them out a little early on a Friday? Or, if the team is doing well, why not allow a worker the flexibility to come in a little later or comp out some time if they have a child that needs to go to the doctor or some other issue. Your flexibility will create appreciation and naturally help you get more out of your workforce. Of course, this is less of a problem if the employee is a remote worker.

Dress Code Changes

Relax the dress code. Is it really important that you require a business suit when the temperatures climb? If your company has a dress code in place, why not consider relaxing the rules during the summer? Allow more casual attire, and your employees will thank you for it.

Outdoor Meetings

Take advantage of a nice day and hold meetings out-of-doors. You will be amazed at what this change in venue could do for your next meeting or brainstorming session.


Also, consider offering incentives during the summer to keep the team motivated. If it’s a good incentive, this will help overcome any temporary slumps caused by the nice weather. This is also a good idea if you have several team members who are remote workers. Even remote workers experience a productivity slump when the weather is nice, so adding a new incentive program can help keep everyone pushing forward.

New Learning Opportunities

Add learning opportunities anytime is a good way to engage your workforce. If summer productivity is slowing down, consider offering your employees some classes to help improve their skills. This will benefit the employee, the company, and their engagement. Be sure to record these training sessions so that people who are on vacation won’t feel left out.

Team Bonding

Finally, consider a company outing to bring everyone together. Now that businesses have reopened consider an outdoor happy hour or another team-building event to help bring everyone together. This will energize your team and bond them together in ways that working side-by-side cannot do.

ADD STAFF Inc. Can Help You Find Top Talent

For some companies, work naturally slows in the summer. Embracing a slower pace while boosting programs to engage your workforce just naturally goes with warmer temperatures. Embrace the season and enjoy it instead of fighting against it. ADD STAFF can help by supplementing your workforce with team members to help you meet your hiring goals. Contact us to find out how we can help.