Is This Job the Perfect Fit? When to Accept a Job Offer vs. Waiting For Your Dream Job!

It’s tough to know the right thing to do in every situation. Especially if you’re a candidate interviewing for a job. As much as you research and interview at a company, the truth is sometimes, we really don’t know if the job will be perfect until we’re in it. Finding a new job is hard. This blog will help you understand if it’s time to take the offer or if you should hold out for what you’ve been dreaming about.

Finding the Right Job Fit

You’ve been on the job market and interviewing, and now you’ve finally landed an offer. But how can you tell that there won’t be something better just around the corner? The answer, unless you’re psychic, is that you can’t.

However, even if the role isn’t perfect, you may consider it a stepping stone toward a financial or career-related goal. As yourself this question: Will this job get you closer to your goals? Even if the role isn’t your dream job, it may be a valid option that will keep you moving forward.

This is especially true if you’ve been looking for a while and need the money or if you’re about to have that dreaded gap in your employment history. Keep in mind it’s always easier to find a job if you already have one, and while we don’t want you to take a job you’ll hate, there are practical considerations that may point to saying, “Yes.”

If you’re making a big career switch, this is particularly important to think about. Say, for example, you’re moving into your first technology role. Maybe you took a coding boot camp as a way to get out of the warehousing industry and advance your career. In these instances, you may consider a pay cut or a less than ideal job just to break into the fields.

The other issue could be that you’re new to the work world. Maybe you’re just out of college, and you haven’t even formulated an idea of what your dream job really is. The goal right now is to tackle those student loan debts and get some experience, right? Maybe these mitigating circumstances are what will guide you toward accepting a role that is something short of ideal.

Speaking of student loans, there is a practical element that plays a role when deciding to take a new job. Sometimes health insurance or paychecks are more important than holding out for the perfect role. We get it.

With that said, you should also think hard about whether you are even qualified for what seems like your perfect job. If you’re unemployed, it’s a good idea to hone your skills by taking a class or achieving a certification. That way, if the perfect job does show up, you will be qualified and ready for the offer.

We Can Help You Find the Right Job

If you have an idea of what you’re looking for in the perfect job, maybe it’s time to talk to a recruiting firm that really understands what you’re going through. ADD STAFF works with job seekers just like you to help you find the right fit for your skills, dreams, and goals. We back it up with extensive experience and a network of business customers eager to meet you. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you get the best offer and find the right fit.

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