5 Ways to Make Employees Feel Safe Once Returning to the Office

The ups and downs of the past year may finally be settling down. Offices reopened under social distancing guidelines, and vaccines are being distributed. At some point, business owners will have to deal with staff that may feel anxious about returning to work. Here are five ways to ease this transition.

Return to Work Safety for Staff

1. Follow guidelines for safety.

The first step toward returning to work should be to make sure your workplace is safe. Follow all recommended guidelines and let your workers know what is expected in terms of their own behaviors.

2. Proactively communicate safety logistics with your workers.

Assembling a plan for restaffing an office is one thing, but if you don’t also make a plan to share your ideas with your workforce, they may feel anxious about coming back. Consider communicating your plans for keeping everyone safe on a regular basis. As plans change, for example, to fit the new CDC guidelines as they come out, it gives you an opportunity to share details with your workforce. This will help them know you’re worried but handling things well—and so will they.

3. Take time to find out how your employees feel about returning to work.

The size of your business shouldn’t matter; all employers should work to understand how their employers feel about coming back to work. Then the company can work to assuage any fears and respond to concerns. This will keep your workforce happier as they return to the office. Your goal is to communicate that you care and are taking their worries seriously.

4. Tackle serious mental health concerns as they arise.

Having anxiety about re-entering the workforce is one thing, but you may also have employees struggling with mental health issues. If you have an employee assistance program (EAP), make sure your workers know about it. There are also government resources that may help your teams and your company.

5. Be transparent and honest about what your plans are but also what you can offer to help workers.

Let your employees know what you can do to help and what your plans are for keeping everyone as safe as possible. Make them aware that you are in a partnership together working toward a safer outcome.

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