Where Do I Begin? Ways to Kick-Start Your Job Search and Head in the Right Direction

At some point, you’ll look for a new job. It may be tomorrow or five years down the road. That’s exactly why your efforts to network, and build a better resume and social profile should start right now. Even if you’re not looking, these tips will help kick-start your career evolution and keep you heading in the right direction.

Tips for Staying Prepared for the Next Job Search

Keep Your Resume Up to Date

Rule number one of staying fast on your feet during today’s tumultuous job markets is to keep your resume up-to-date. While you always want to slightly tweak each resume you send out for the job you’re applying to, start with the most current version of your updated skills. If you haven’t looked at your resume in a while, the time is now to update it—even if you’re not currently looking for a new job.

Update Your Social Media

Rule number two is to update your social media profiles. Every employer these days takes a look at your social postings to determine who you are. This is just a standard part of hiring these days. Invest in a professional headshot and make sure you list examples of your work. This is especially true for LinkedIn, which is the premier professional social media network. Match your resume to your LinkedIn profile to keep things consistent. While you’re at it, make sure you adjust your privacy settings to non-public to help keep employers from seeing your posts. Do a quick Google search for yourself, see what comes up, and ask yourself, “Do I want a potential employer to see this?”

Keep Your Remote Workspace Professional

Rule number three is to check the professionalism of your remote workspace. Many employers are now interviewing regularly via video conferencing. Even if you’re not searching for a new job now, consider looking at your background in the home office to determine how professional it looks. This is especially important if you’re getting ready for an interview. However, the reality is your current employer doesn’t want to see your dirty laundry or a cat litter box behind you, either.

Check Your Email Settings

Rule number four is to use your professional headshot in your email photo, as well. Make sure your email signature is up-to-date and professional. For Gmail users, there’s a Google Plus account associated with your email. Double-check that this is also a professional representation of how you want to appear to employers. Take the time now to review any personal blog or portfolio sites. Check the links to be sure they are current. To put your best foot forward, make sure you have the most current work accurately depicted.

Stay in Touch with Your References

Finally, rule number five for keeping your resume and employment profiles up-to-date is to call your existing references and touch base with them. Find out how they are doing and if they’re happy in their current position. Can you offer to serve as a reference for them as well so the relationship isn’t so one-sided? Consider this a networking call that is important generally to keep these relationships active. Then ask if they are still willing to serve as a reference for your good work.

We Can Help You Find a Remote Job

All of these steps are important to do now, well before you’re in the stressful situation of looking for work. The benefits of staying up-to-date consistently whether you’re looking for a job or not is that many recruiters are actively making connections now with potential new candidates for jobs that may become available down the road. The ADD STAFF team works hard every day to make these proactive networking connections. Talk with our team now as a way to prepare for your future.