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Hard to Fill Job? How to Reword Job Descriptions to Get Applicants Excited to Apply!

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Far from being just a “post and pray,” a good job description can attract a ready-made pool of applications that can get your job search started on the right foot. That’s why it’s always worth it to put some effort into crafting a smart, creative, and eye-catching ad. Here’s how to update your job descriptions, so they attract a solid pool of potential candidates to speed up your time to hire.

What Should You Include in a Basic Job Description?

A job description should have some basic elements, but keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter. Every written statement about the position you’re hiring for should include:

  • Job title
  • Who the employee will report to
  • If the employee has direct reports
  • Skills necessary to do the job
  • Education or certifications required
  • Travel required or if the job is remote
  • Description of the workplace environment
  • Salary, benefits, perks

You can use this description as an internal document to help requisition a new hire or promote from within. It can also serve as a way to track the performance of the new employee. Externally, a job description can advertise the opening on a job board. It can also serve as a guide during the interview process. Finally, it’s a good tool for communicating expectations to the candidate.

Tips for a Better Job Description

Usually, an HR Manager drafts the job description with approval from a department head where the person is being hired. But truthfully, the best person to write or at least inform the writing of the ad is the outgoing person currently in that role. Of course, this is only possible if the employee Is leaving voluntarily or is being promoted. But if you can, don’t forget to solicit their input for a much better and more accurate job description. Why does this matter? The more accurate the job description, the better the candidate.

Another tip is to recognize that a job description is also a sales tool. It’s true; candidates will gain an initial impression of your company and the job from the hiring ad itself. How can you write a compelling job description that will gain the attention of your ideal candidate? Here are four steps:

  1. Start with a template (see above) of what relevant information should be placed in the ad.
  2. Look on job boards for similar roles. Pay particular attention to ads placed by your competitors. Give some thought to how your ad could come across as different or more enticing.
  3. Add snippets of information to your template during your research to begin to flesh out the job description.
  4. Refine the draft in the voice of the company. This is where it might be good to seek the input of your marketing teams. Tell them you want to create a compelling job description in the voice of the brand.

We Can Help You Find Top Talent

Employees are very compelled by a good work environment. Make sure every line in your job description helps tell the story about why your company is a better place to work than anyone else in the market. Talk with ADD STAFF about how we can help your team attract more candidates faster. We’re here to help.

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